20 Apr 2008, 9:30am
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Food for thought… only?

by Roni Bell Sylvester, Good Neighbor Law [here]

Pope Benedict XVI warns “failure to ensure the right to food is a violation of human dignity.” He wants our planet to grow enough food to assure that no one “goes to sleep on an empty stomach.”

But Pope Benedict faces a strong opponent.

Mr. Al Gore thought he’d won the title of President of the United States of America, but found out later that he hadn’t. Filled with rage, Al rallied his buddies at the UN and the European Union to come up with a plan whereby they could crush America and give Al title to a territory much larger than America. Something like… the world.

They needed to come up with something that would stir millions to march faithfully behind them. They met on a big O yacht and tried to figure out how to make billions of dollars and help Al get title to the world.

They founded a new religion they named the “Church of Global Warming,” and anointed Al Gore Head Preacher. In his first sermon, Preacher Gore asked his people “Weather - or not?” They answered in unison, “Weather!” And thusly they set up a doctrine that portended to stop “climate change” and any other loose change that followed.

How does this tie into Mr. Gore competition with Pope Benedict’s call to feed the poor and hungry? Well, the Church of Global Warming is using a method called Precautionary Principle to crush America.

The main characteristic of the Precautionary Principle is: before an entity releases anything into the market, a bevy of laws, treaties, and regulations are invoked based solely on speculations of the possibility that the entity might be guilty of someday emitting something unforeseen by “sound” science today and deemed bad tomorrow. Therefore, because the public needs to be protected from the unforeseen possibility of this new or old product producing something unforeseen, the entity needs to be punished ahead of time and the product seized and/or heavily taxed by a form of government called socialism. The leaders of the socialistic government then control the entity and the product and preemptively extract ahead of time whatever speculative profit might possibly occur.

Here are some recognizable examples of precautionary principles:

a) Polar bears might disappear even though their populations have been growing for decades. Do NOT drill or mine within the same Hemisphere. b) Spotted owls need that tree. Do NOT log there, but instead burn the entire forest to the ground. c) Bison need a wilderness corridor for migration from New York to California. Do NOT farm or ranch within 1,000 miles of the imaginary corridor. d) The Nature Conservancy decides your property is the last great place on earth and wants to “save” it by purchasing it from you at an extortion-low price and selling it to the government for a windfall profit. Please burn your own home down so TNC doesn’t have to go that expense, either. e) We need to guard every puddle of water in the world. Please do not pee, or breathe for that matter.

America has for centuries, provided a steady, safe supply of food for all who reside within, and many who live outside. But Al Gore and his buddies are busy, busy, busy, wallpapering America with precautionary principles, chipping away our ability to feed the poor and hungry, and priming our nation for UN equalization destruction. Why should we have more food than Somalia or Sudan, for instance?

The Pope should have a little visit with Mr. Gore. He should request that Al cease and desist from starving the world to power his fleet of jet airplanes. Pope Benedict XVI should explain to Mr. Gore how his Church of Global Warming is already robbing food from the poorest of the poor.

How does Mr. Gore’s Church of Global Warming serve you? Better question, what is Al’s Church of Global Warming serving you?

Food for thought? But not food for the belly.



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