18 Dec 2010, 10:47am
by admin

More New Colloquia Posts

New Colloquia papers are always announced on the W.I.S.E. Home Page [here] and listed in our Library [here]. But some SOSF readers never visit the home page, so for you folks (you know who you are) here are the latest titles:

The Anthropogenic Greenhouse Era Began Thousands of Years Ago by William F. Ruddiman in Paleobotany and Paleoclimatology

Empirical Evidence for a Celestial Origin of the Climate Oscillations and Its Implications by Nicola Scafetta in Paleobotany and Paleoclimatology

Changes in Snowfall in the Southern Sierra Nevada of California Since 1916 by John R. Christy and Justin J. Hnilo in Paleobotany and Paleoclimatology

Large Variations in Southern Hemisphere Biomass Burning During the Last 650 Years by Z. Wang, J. Chappellaz, K. Park, and J. E. Mak in Paleobotany and Paleoclimatology

Traditional and local ecological knowledge about forest biodiversity in the Pacific Northwest by Susan Charnley, A. Paige Fischer, and Eric T. Jones in Forest and Fire Sciences



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