14 Dec 2010, 5:34pm
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by admin

Lardos Tester and Baucus Sneak In New Wilderness

Porker John Tester (Kleptocrat, MT) has joined with lame duck solons to jam a midnight wilderness bill down the throats of Americans. Bloated Jonnny has partnered with Max “Where’s My Graft” Baucus (also a Kleptocrat, MT, and easily the MOST CORRUPT Senator in the country) to attach yet another land theft bill to the morbidly obese $1.1 Trillion Omnibus Appropriations Act scheduled to pass tomorrow.

Earmarkers feast on pork one last time before diet

(AP), Google News, Dec. 14, 2010 [here]

WASHINGTON (AP) — The spending barons on Capitol Hill, long used to muscling past opponents of bills larded with pet projects, are seeking one last victory before tea party-backed GOP insurgents storm Congress intent on ending the good old days of pork-barrel politics.

You might call it the last running of the old bulls in Congress.

In the waning days of the lame duck congressional session, Democrats controlling the Senate — in collaboration with a handful of old school Republicans — are pushing to wrap $1.27 trillion worth of unfinished budget work into a single “omnibus” appropriations bill.

Their 1,900-plus-page bill comes to the floor this week stuffed with provisions sought by lawmakers. It contains thousands of pet projects, known as earmarks, pushed by Democratic and GOP senators alike — despite a pledge by Republicans to give up such projects next year.

“That omnibus bill will be loaded down with earmarks and pork-barrel spending, which is a direct — a direct — betrayal of the majority of voters on Nov. 2 who said ‘Stop the earmarking, stop the spending, stop the pork-barrel projects,’” protested Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz.

Altogether, the bill contains about $8 billion worth of earmarks, less than in previous years since House Republicans didn’t ask for any. …

Not one single member of the US Senate has read the entire bill, but that will not stop those crooks from voting for it. Nor has any private citizen read the bill either, since it is stamped Secret and has not yet been posted on WikiLeaks.

Congressman Denny Tester (Ineptocrat, MT) wrote of Tester’s wilderness bill:

This is government at its worst. Montanans haven’t even had time to read it, let alone offer any input on this new wilderness bill. These are exactly the sort of underhanded tactics the American people rejected in November. Apparently, the message didn’t get through.

No Denny, it didn’t. And it never will as long as the Federal Government (all branches) is composed of frauds, cheats, liars, grafters, communists, foreigners, and other breeds of anti-American terrorist.



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