19 Apr 2008, 12:07pm
Politics and politicians
by admin

Attention Oregon Global Warming Alarmists

Here it is: Global Cooling. How do you like it?

Coldest Winter on record. Just what you wanted. Enjoying the April snow?

Attention Far Left Socialist voters. Governor Dumb Bunny Ted is holding GW Alarmist meetings, trying to orient the entire State government to combating global warming by shutting down all economic activity, tearing down dams, and encouraging megafires. Are you pleased?

The moron you elected twice reached down to OSU and forced out the only academic with the guts to tell the truth about the impending global cooling. Do you like that kind of interference in academic freedom? Are you satisfied now that freedom of thought has been curtailed at your university, and no one but sycophantic twits are left there? Twits that are dead wrong about climate change?

Did you get tire chains for your Priuses?

Don’t worry. Next summer will be the nicest day of the year. You won’t need chains to drive out to your favorite incinerated forest and gaze lovingly at the miles and miles of blackened snags.

You wanted change. Don’t worry. You’ll soon be out on the sidewalk begging for some.

Let’s elect some more extreme leftist bonehead Stalinists. Keep Oregon Charcoal Grey. It’s all about “quality of life” right? Huddle in the dark and cold and tell yourself that the quality of your life is vastly improved.

Vote lefty-freeze the planet. Give up your freedoms; it’s worth it. Abort your babies, euthanize your parents. You’re saving the planet!!

Let’s all sing some Communist anthems. Maybe that’ll keep us warm.

Ban homes; we can all live under the urban bridges. Drink right out of the sewer discharge pipes that pour filth into the estuary in Portland. We’re Dreamers here. Dream on.

Thank There Is No God that the Religious Right doesn’t have a single rep in the Legislature. Make Oregon safe for wolves. Burn Baby Burn. The only good forest is dead, burned, tick brush. Fight Global Warming. We like it cold as ice.

So strap on your jackboots and goosestep down the avenue. You won the battle! Universal death care! Sing the Happy Slave Song. Freeze your brains. Be as Left as you can be. Save the planet from humans such as yourself. If everybody else is jumping off the cliff, might as well join them. Ban the board! And don’t leave any carbon footprints on your way out.

20 Apr 2008, 4:06am
by Backcut

Gaia!!?!?! Save US from your followers!!

20 Apr 2008, 8:44am
by Mike

Notice how the AGW Chicken Littles have crawled back under their rocks? All the do-gooder bleeding heart super libs who want to tax you to death are strangely silent during these April snow showers.

Maybe it’s because the debate is over. Their argument was so pathetic and nazi-like that they had to declare all dialog finished for fear the truth would come out.

Global warming has jumped the shark. Anyone and everyone who uses AGW as a political hammer is either a halfwit or a lying dog. Oh wait, that’s everyone running for or holding office today! All scum, all the time.

21 Apr 2008, 5:53am
by Janet R

Isn’t there a big difference between weather and climate? Seems like the weather this winter is quite different than the climate over, say, the past 50 years.

21 Apr 2008, 9:09am
by bear bait

I can go to the house thermostat and control the climate inside my home. Evidently, Gov. Taxandgougeme feels we can do that with climate outside the house. I guess the upside would be no need for the thermostat inside the house, as we would have a perfect climate. My point of misunderstanding is how that will work in the colder climes.

The best way to feed the world is to have a warmer climate. If I remember the elementary science I once took in school, the warmer the air, the more water it can hold. Something about Boyle and expanding space for molecules to reside. So if we can raise the temperature a degree or so, there will be more moisture in the air somewhere. As that warmer air comes ashore from the 6/7th of the earth’s surface that is water and is forced upward and cooled, some of that water is released.

Of course, cold water will result in cooler air and less moisture, as is the case off the west coast of South America. There, by serendipity, it has been found that the evening fogs strained through a fine mesh netting will precipitate water, which can be captured in a trough, and you can have a fresh water supply even though you have a desert facing the ocean.

That example, in fact, is what a thrifty second growth stand of conifers, with 40% crown lengths or so, will do in the Coast Range or Cascades at the optimum elevation, and that is where the most productive sites are located for growing conifers. The needles are the fine mesh net.

Of course, as the trees age, they are more likely to burn in catastrophic fires. There are advantages to all types of forest cover, and that is diversity. However, if we have an entire forest of closed canopy forests, the end is always fire and always stand removal fire. And then it repeats itself. One has to wonder that if, considering just the water contributed to streams and to streamflow, whether logging and clearcutting were not the best answers for conservation of water over time. The range of canopies, the fine mesh net affect, plus the clean ground on north slopes and prairies to hold snow late in the year, are not a one dimensional surface. The variety of vegetative cover reduces sublimation and the reflection of energy to space, and has positive results for the health of the whole system.

Industrial timberland is now fast tracked to REITs and managed to benefit insurance companies, short to mid term investment by institutional investors, hedge funds, and the like. The mean annual culmination of incremental growth will drive the harvest process, and mills will rise and fall with economic tides. That part of the forest base will be forever in a state of perpetual juvenility, and of minimal use to wildlife. The wholesale pesticide brownup for site prep precludes most grasses, forbs, and woody plants, and go fast hybrid, gene modified trees will quickly take over the site for a quicker return. Land that does not meet the high site, quicker return forestry goals will end up as fragments of amenity land to be managed as the owner sees fit. That could or could not benefit wildlife. Maybe more suitable habitat, but less security cover. Certainly more suburban/wildland interface for the the agencies to deal with. Ying and yang. Good and Bad. But certainly change. The model is changing, and so maybe is the weather. If it gets warmer, there will be more use of forest land and that use will migrate north. If the climate cools, less interest in those lands and fewer homes will be built in the lands of early and late snows.

21 Apr 2008, 11:20am
by Bob Z.


Climate is, typically, just an average of weather conditions and extremes over a 30-year period. It is always changing — by the law of averages if nothing else.

I am old enough to remember Willamette Valley weather in the 1950s. And the 1960s, 1970s, 1980s, and 1990s, too. The weather has been warmer at times during this 50+ year stretch, and also colder, wetter, drier, windier, more humid, and less humid. On average, though, the weather has been about the same, depending on the season and time of day.

We have a Mediterranean-type climate here in western Oregon: basically two seasons — Wet and Dry. All actual (non-computer model generated) scientific evidence shows that this has been the case since people first arrived here, more than 10,000 (or even 14,000) years ago. Some things never change, or else seem to take a very long time to do so.

In general, the climate is much cooler today than 6,000 or 8,000 years ago, but is still very nice. It is warmer than 200 to 400 years ago, and that is nicer yet.

With any luck, people will learn how to keep the climate warm, whether by burning fossil fuels, drinking milk from cows, or keeping the lights on at night. It is highly unlikely the answer is that simplistic — but wouldn’t that be great if it was?

21 Apr 2008, 1:59pm
by Forrest Grump

Methinks the head WISE honcho is getting a bad case of cabin fever. Great Falls just hosed its cold record by 19 degrees (8 BELOW zero).

Now we’re looking at a late, late runoff. And when it does happen, it’s going to be fast, unless of course Al Gore is wrong. I’m thinking the high-angle sunshine of late spring will be a driver, compared to the corn snow days of early spring.

I guess I might as well lay in the dock at my new waterfront parcel on Restored Lake Missoula.

21 Apr 2008, 2:18pm
by Joe B.

I know I leave every light on in the house up in the mountains here in Idaho and run the SUV constantly, and it hasn’t made a bit a difference (I’m a little poorer with the gas and light bill is all). I got my neighbors to do the same thing, still got 30 inches of snow on the ground right now and it’s snowing today. Man, it would be great if burning fossil fuels made a difference but it just doesn’t. If we could warm the planet, I think we’d have made better strides by now.



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