29 Nov 2007, 4:41pm
by admin

Mexican Wolf Aspen Pack Must Be Removed!

Laura of Wolf Crossing has written a plea [here] for removal of killer predators from private ranches in New Mexico. A video of wolves and calves killed by wolves is linked.

Some excerpts:

The following report is based on a two day trip to the Adobe Ranch South of Magdalena New Mexico. This video is necessary due to potential political fallout over the pending removal of the Aspen pack. It is literally a carnage fest over there, carcasses of calves killed by wolves litter the area and there is simply no keeping up with it. If a carcass is removed a fresh calf is killed.

We were late getting to the ranch headquarters because we witnessed a wolf on the side of the road stalking a bunch of heifers with a very small calf that she was apparently after. This wolf wasn’t too worried about us. We were able to take video of the situation and stills from that video showed she, had a black collar. There was also canine scat right where she was stalking the calf and it consisted of shiny black baby calf hair so she has been there before killing these calves along with the near constant depredations on the weaned calves on the deeded land weaning pasture.

We managed to chase her off even though she tried to hide behind a tree and wait us out as seen in the video. So we went on towards the HQ, where we found a three year old heifer freshly dead without a mark on her, right next to the road, she had been killed three or four hours earlier, probably just used as a wolf toy and run to death. While it is slightly possible she just died of natural causes she had been licking herself which indicates good health and happiness and she looked good. About 200 yards away from her and across the pasture another 30 or 40 heifers were mashed into a corner of the fenceline and all had their heads up and looking around. The ranch owner went out to the scene and both adult female wolves were present. [more]

1 Dec 2007, 11:52pm
by Wild

Some of us have not only had wolves in our yards, stalking kids coming home from school, stalking playgrounds at schools, ripping our pets up, not to mention all the livestock and horse carnage. How does this complete the ecosystem?

Wolves in our yards are not safe. This is something primal that all people know. If my dog did one tenth the things these wolves did, he would have been put down a long time ago.

When does the reality of what is known about wolves strike a chord with the American public? They seem to like the idea of wolves, but do not want to pay for the consequences or even acknowledge the burden American ranchers and rural residents live with every day. How many wolf-killed animals do you have to pick up every day before people understand what wolf recovery is really all about: carnage and danger to humans?

Why are we preserving bad wolves? The wolves that stay in the wilderness are just fine. Unfortunately in New Mexico, there is only one pack that stays put there. The others do not.



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