3 Oct 2010, 12:09pm
Wildlife Agencies Wolves
by admin

ODFW Adopts New Wolf Plan

The Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife (ODFW) Commission has adopted an Updated 2010 Oregon Wolf Conservation and Management Plan [here]. The 2010 Plan is an update of the 2005 Plan.

Once again, ranchers and homeowners suffering depredations from wolves are forbidden to take any action that would cause harm to the wolf. Should it ever occur that wolves are federally delisted, then wolves involved in chronic depredation may be killed by ODFW or Wildlife Services personnel. As long as wolves remain listed, private citizens have no recourse except shoot, shovel, and shut up.

ODFW claims to have little or no funds to “manage” wolves, which could result in a net benefit to the citizenry if the Department is shut down and all ODFW personnel are fired.



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