8 Mar 2010, 4:21pm
by admin

Defenders of Wildlife General Counsel Appointed to US Justice Dept.

Bob Dreher, the General Counsel of the Defenders of Wildlife, a litigious lobbying group that has sued the US Government hundreds of times, has been appointed Principal Deputy Assistant Attorney General to oversee the Natural Resources and Wildlife and Marine Resources sections of the US Dept. of Justice.

Dreher has also previously served as co-managing director of the Washington, D.C. office of the Sierra Club Legal Defense Fund (now Earthjustice).

Defenders and Earthjustice are among the groups that have bled the American taxpayer for $4.7 billion in legal fees through the Equal Opportunity to Justice Act [here]. Defenders has ongoing lawsuits currently in Federal courts regarding wolves, plovers, turtles, caribou, wolverines, right whales, jaguars, sage-grouse, and who knows what else.

Now the Obama Administration has hired the Defenders General Counsel to oppose the very lawsuits he brought against the government.

Conflict of interest? More like deliberate sabotage of the public interest on behalf of a well-healed lobbying group.

What next? Will Barack Hussein Obama appoint Osama Bin Laden to be on the Joint Chiefs of Staff of the United States Armed Forces? Will he appoint Bernie Madoff to run the Federal Reserve?

What does Congress think? Can Congress think?

Who does this country belong to, the citizens or an evil cabal of anti-American saboteurs?

Don’t believe me? Here’s the US Dept. of Justice announcement:

Department of Justice
Office of Public Affairs
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE, Friday, March 5, 2010 [here]

Assistant Attorney General Ignacia S. Moreno Announces Environment and Natural Resources Division’s Senior Leadership

WASHINGTON—Ignacia S. Moreno, Assistant Attorney General for the Justice Department’s Environment and Natural Resources Division (ENRD), today announced the members of the division’s senior leadership. The announcement came on the same day that Assistant Attorney General Moreno was officially installed by Attorney General Eric Holder as the division’s head.

“I am pleased to welcome this team of outstanding and committed professionals who will join the hard working and talented civil servants who make up the Environment and Natural Resources Division. They hail from environmental groups, academia, government and private practice, and will put this experience to good use in vigorously enforcing our nation’s environmental laws and defending agency actions and environmental statutes,” said Assistant Attorney General Moreno.

The leadership team includes: …

Robert Dreher, Principal Deputy Assistant Attorney General—

As a seasoned environmental lawyer, Dreher has extensive experience in conservation policy, environmental law and natural resources management. He has represented environmental organizations, federal agencies, tribes and businesses in a variety of environmental matters. Dreher previously served as senior vice president for Climate Change and Conservation Law and General Counsel of Defenders of Wildlife. Prior to this, he served as Deputy Executive Director of the Georgetown Environmental Law &; Policy Institute at Georgetown University Law Center, and as deputy general counsel of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Earlier in his career, he was a staff and co-managing attorney of the Washington, D.C. office of the Sierra Club Legal Defense Fund (now Earthjustice). Representing tribes, government agencies, businesses and environmental groups in solo private practice, he served as counsel to the law firm Troutman Sanders LLC and as an associate at the Boston firm Hill & Barlow. He has taught federal natural resources law at The George Washington University Law School and at Georgetown University Law Center. Dreher received his J.D. from Yale Law School, a Masters in American Civilization from Brown University, and his undergraduate degree from Harvard College.

Dreher will oversee the Natural Resources and Wildlife and Marine Resources sections.

9 Mar 2010, 5:32am
by Tom Remington

It is extremely difficult at this stage to comment on anything the Barack Obama does without resorting to anger and the use of vulgarities. This guy is a total moron. He is so deliberate in everything he does that it is clear his aim is the total destruction of the United States.

Your comment asking what was next - hiring Bin Laden his not far fetched. This is akin to it.

This is unbelievable! Just unbelievable!

9 Mar 2010, 9:32am
by Greg F.

My head hurts.

9 Mar 2010, 5:15pm
by JIM P.

Mr Obama IS out to destroy the United States of America. How else can one explain the actions of this man?: borrowing money to “bail out” America, “health care” reform, appointment of CZARS to oversee government officials, and his lack of transparency, and his new budget. The debt that will be created is more than all debt of the past presidents combined. A debtor nation has never, and will never be one of power.

Just my view from this side of the fence

9 Mar 2010, 6:40pm
by willow

lets vote all these republicans and democrats out!!!!

9 Mar 2010, 6:55pm
by eric

Well, America, you voted for change. Here it is…

9 Mar 2010, 8:56pm
by radnex

Don’t blame me, I voted Libertarian. Won’t you join me? If not, then remember the term “molon labe”.

9 Mar 2010, 9:50pm
by Dave

This has got to be another one that will top the charts of idiocy in the White House!!!! I agree with Tom Remington, it is hard to comment on anything this idiot does because everything he does is just tearing at the framework of this country. I only pray that we (this country) makes it to 2012 so we can vote the guy out and send his ass packing!

9 Mar 2010, 9:53pm
by John R.

I am surprised it took them this long. I would have thought that they would have had the professionals and litigators in place early on. Fortunately, the Obama administration has wasted a lot of time with “reward” appointments for political hacks, such as the do-nothing czars in the White House. Also fortunately, these hacks and ideologues are all viciously fighting among themselves –- reminiscent of Soviet meetings of the 1920’s.

9 Mar 2010, 9:58pm
by Mike

It is incorrect to excuse this action as “idiocy.” Stacking the DoJ with lobbyist lawyers is a deliberate and considered policy move, not a mistake made out of ignorance. Clinton did the same thing, with disastrous consequences across the West.

10 Mar 2010, 2:13am
by Preacher1

History will prove that Obama does very little through ignorance and stupidity: his anti-American edicts are well-planned for the long range damage potential. He is planning to destroy the American tradition of fishing -for instance- by removing our coastal oceans from the use of recreational fishermen:this is today’s 4:00am news!

10 Mar 2010, 3:36pm
by Laura

Are any of us really surprised, though? There has been no pretense of fairness or equity or justice or anything even remotely resembling an attempt to avoid a conflict of interest for at least the last dozen years. Especially when it comes to the ESA and its all powerful implementation. Yep, I have a headache too and feel kind of barfy. But surprised? No, I am not.

11 Mar 2010, 10:32am
by Bones

Obama is the worst thing that has happened to this country ever. He has put our country in so much more debt than anyone entity ever has and he is a bald-faced liar. He is a conniving, sneaky, two-faced, undermining, pompous, egotistical, condescending, self-indulgent, greedy terrorist that is destroying our way of life in America as well as America herself. The consequences of his actions will reverberate for years to come in the most horrific ways. He is compromising the integrity of this country so badly that I don’t think we have a chance. Recovery is a word used as a mask to lead the scared and weak to the waters of change. It is not real.

12 Mar 2010, 3:39am
by Joe B.

Even if we are lucky enough to rid ourselves of the “change”, we still have the IDIOCY that elected him!

15 Mar 2010, 5:21pm
by Tom

I’m glad I live in this country and always will. I served 6 years in the army protecting the Constitution and I believe in it and always will, thank God, and I did say GOD. Good thing I’m not the saying the Pledge of Allegiance in a public school, how moronic is that?!

The second Amendment does give us the right to bear arms, don’t ever forget it. Get rid of all political lobbyists, company bailouts, the Supreme Court trying to change the Constitution, and oh yes, ooooooover spending. Once a politician, always a politician. And to both party systems, stop acting like two siblings who can’t get along, since we surely pay you enough (you should remember, you voted yourselves pay raises in the middle of the night), and for those who don’t know, they get that same amount for their retirement each year until they die!!!!! Unlike our defunct Social Security.

There was once a Boston Tea Party and there could possibly be another. Thank God this isn’t North Korea and we still have freedom of speech. Let your voice be heard!!!!!!!!

20 Mar 2010, 6:55am
by Daniel B.

As we all know, the government does not make a profit. The government has become an expense due to departments of the government with the ethics of spend all the money we get from the taxpayers or this department will be funded with less money. My dad in the 1970’s worked civilian service at an Air Force base. They were purchasing a regular ball peen hammer for $200.00! A toilet seat for $500.00! Talk about wasting our money. Someone please inform me of any department of the government that has ever had any taxpayer’s money leftover.

‘We The People’ need to set the wages of elected officials based on their performance of actually reducing the national debt. If the debt is not going down, then pay cuts should be enforced. It is our money paying their wages!!!!!!!

25 Apr 2010, 6:44pm
by C. Derr

I have a sickening feeling that the American people as a whole will not rise up and straighten this mess out. The few that will stand up will be branded extremists and either killed or severely prosecuted. Everything that has been done to this country thus far is unconstitutional because the powers that be have subscribed to international law to get around the Constitution and eventually abolish it completely. Time to fix this in November and beyond. Let’s go America….

25 Apr 2010, 7:22pm
by Mike

“We must hang together, gentlemen… else, we shall most assuredly hang separately.” — Benjamin Franklin at the signing of the Declaration of Independence on August 2, 1776.

25 Nov 2010, 12:49pm
by david

I for one am done talking. I’ve cut off several members of my family and a few friends, the main reason being “the other side” is not capable of a rational conversation. I’m done listing all the things Obama is doing. You’re either with me or against me. EVERY SINGLE HUNTER must hunt wolves! They cannot arrest everyone! Poison them and leave them where they lie. Fishing, hunting, dirt bikes, private property, snowmobiles, horseback riding, farming, ranching are all under assault!!!!!!!!!! and America is watching dancing with the stars!

Good Luck!! Farmers rise up!



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