30 Aug 2010, 11:38am
Climate and Weather The 2010 Fire Season
by admin

Climate Change Foils Fire Nazis

As the unusual August rain today pours down on dozens of Let Burn Fires across the West, the best laid plans of the holocauster forest destroyer “community” have been washed away.

Even napalm won’t work when the humidity is this high and the temperatures this low.

The climate change that has altered the Pacific Northwest is due to the shift in the Pacific Decadal Oscillation which has taken place over the last 3 years or so. Colder water is upwelling in the northern eastern Pacific, a condition absent over the last 30 years, but now back for a 3-decade term.

Add to that the growing La Nina in the central Pacific (more cooling of the water off our shores), and a cold wet spell has engulfed us.

Last winter was the coldest and wettest on record, summer was two months late, and now fall is a month early. As the saying goes, summer was the nicest day we had this year.

Great plans were afoot to burn umpteen million acres of America’s priceless heritage forests this summer, and the fire nazis did their best. Not only were numerous wildfires unfought, but arsonistic sub-functionaries attempted to torch off more and more acres — using drip torches and ping pong balls filled with gasoline, dropped from helicopters.

Before the fire season started, various fire pundits predicted a monstrous burning summer. The cold, wet winter and spring had spurred more than the average growth, you see, and all that excess biomass was going to fuel the fires of their dreams.

No mention was made of the biomass that had been building up for 100 years or more. Just this year’s early growth was all that mattered to the pundits. They also tore their hair out over the “early snowmelt” and “late fall” and “extended burning season” indicated by their funk-tastic models. Don’t measure anything — real data aren’t necessary — just plug fantasy into creative equations and voila!, garbage spews out.

But their models were wrong, completely wrong, utterly wrong. Bang the Gong Show gong. Summer was late and fall has come early, just the opposite of the predictions of the chrome domes.

The Alarmist consensus turned out to be a confederacy of dunces. Cue the clown music…

Far be it from me to rub it in, but I TOLD YOU SO!!!!!

And thank God for the rain. Without it, the fire nazis were hell bent on incinerating vast tracts — for all the wonderful benefits megafire holocaust provides, such as dead wildlife, fouled streams, denuded watersheds, killed forests, economic ruin, etc.

There is no arguing with a fire nazi. They are impervious to facts and reason. They lack the compassion gene. It’s a birth defect.

But there is no arguing with rain, either. It’s just so wet. The fires are fizzling. The holocauster schemes aft gang agley.

From the indomitable bearbait, who as usual cuts to the heart of the issue, removes it, examines it with a jaundiced eye, and then throws it to the lions:

The wife and I were at her mom’s last evening after seeing Robert Duvall’s movie “Get Low.” Good movie. Her mom lives near the Oregon State Fair, and you could hear the whine of “hot saws” at the logging events show and contests. And lots of people having a great time.

Now, here at home, all I can hear is the whine of USFS arsonistas as the rain ruins their party.

And it is raining here. Blueberry, tomato splitting rain. Any uncut wheat is now pig feed. Corn trucks will be winched through the fields kind of rain.

This year is so late I saw bean picking going on yesterday. Still picking beans at the very ass end of August!!! I saw those beans planted on the third day of June after the peas were picked, very late. No end to this globular warring over whether..or whether not.

I am tired of being cold in the middle of summer. It was 62 in my house yesterday morning. I have lived here, in this house, since 1976. A while. Never have I had the heat on, the thermostat to run the furnace turned to “on”, after May first and before October 15th, in all that time. This year I had to have heain the house in June, and I had to turn it back on once in early July, and then yesterday.

Kids have been dying in droves in South America for the last few months, due to pneumonia from the recorrd cold snaps there. Barn backs broken to snow. Dead livestock. Crops lost. People died because they never had to heat their homes before, and then did so with charcoal fires and gas heaters in the house. Carbon monoxide poisoning ensued. Went to sleep warm, and forever.

Those shivvering people in the stands at the soccer World Cup in South Africa were cold, and the ball was cold, and kicks went awry and did funny things. Not only did they “bend it like Beckham”, but they knuckleballed it, sliced it, and overshot so many times that the whole of it looked like Tiger Woods playing golf with his wife’s lawyer packing his bag.

The whine you hear today is the fire air force out of work. The hand crews sleeping in wet tents. The demobilization and ruined dreams of holocaust and mass incinerations, all with a dim future for this year.

The State Fair rains have come with a vengeance. Teenagers at the fair will have runny fake tattoos, dye dripping arcade prizes, and wet feet. The old people will be content under cover at the huckster shows, and looking at quilts and jams and flies in the pie and cake cupboards. No fun to be launched by the humongous sling shot into a storm cloud.

I am tired of being cold. I am tired of grey on gray, of Payne’s grey horizon’s, of dark light and yellow leaves. It is one thing to be under the constant hammer of social engineering, of government insanity, but to endure it in the dark of Willamette Valley overcast day after day, only interrupted by storms and an occasional glimpse of the sun, is harder to take each year.

This weather crap bodes ill for people who are dealing with foreclosed homes, no job prospects, tough crop prices, and the inability of the Obamanation to deal with even the simple issues, let alone the tough ones. Evidently, if you don’t have enough ward heelers, thugs, graft and homies, nothing can be accomplished by Chicago neighborhood organizers. Nothing. Can’t carry on a war with any success. Can’t cheerlead a resurgence of an economy as long as it is still dependent upon finances that have yet to recognize 40% or so of our national net worth evaporated into the cosmos, as radiated blue sky, good will, and a losing bet on the come.

That money is gone. Vanished. Never to be seen again.

Ever see a 1940s closet? Holds two sets of clothes for two people. Two changes. The third one you are wearing. One is in the wash, and two hang in the closet. That is it. All you need. No array of cooking stuff. A toaster, a stove, an egg beater, maybe a coffee maker, an electric waffle iron, the means to refrigerate somewhat. We will be there soon. Most of the economy now is the garage sale on every day on some street near you. Kids clothes, plastic crap, and another dumpster load because none can now afford a storage unit for crap.

Things are changing, and I hate to say this due to all of those who suffered extra warm weather this summer east of the Rockies, but global warming is not. Too many cold places to drop the average. We are in a weather cycle determined by the amount of hot or cold water along the equator in the Pacific.

The rains have slowed down some, but still are coming down. Just dandy. Gonna be 8 A.M. soon, and I have lights on in the house to see. AS IT IS FRIGGING DARK OUT AND GREY AND DEPRESSING. And cold. Not my kinda summer. I am wearing a sweater.

Other than that, whoop dee doo. Thank God for putting the fires out, because the humans weren’t with the program or up to the task.

- bear bait



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