15 Apr 2010, 12:21am
Restoring cultural landscapes Saving Forests
by admin

Baden-Powell and Australian Bushfire Policy

A new essay about fire and forestry in 19th Century India and modern Australia may be found in the W.I.S.E. Colloquium: Forest and Fire Sciences [here]. It is Baden-Powell and Australian Bushfire Policy by Roger Underwood, renowned Australian forester and fire expert.

This is the sixth essay by Roger Underwood posted at W.I.S.E. [here]. That shows how much we respect and appreciate his writings. The only authors with more entries in the W.I.S.E. Library are Dr. Charles E. Kay (13) and Dr. Stephen J. Pyne (16). Not that we’re keeping score; it’s not a contest. Our goal is to post the best cutting-edge research and thought in the environmental sciences today. Those guys just happen to be outstanding leaders in that regard.

Mr. Underwood’s perspective is distinctly Australian. Application of his ideas here might not be an exact fit. His ideas are certainly worthy of discussion in any case. If you have comments, pro or con, on his latest essay, please append them to this post.

15 Apr 2010, 4:51pm
by YPmule

Thanks Mike, very interesting reading!



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