Idaho RINOs Back to the Drawing Board

Idaho Governor Butch Otter has put the kibosh on The Blueprint For Destroying Idaho [here]. Pro-holocaust Republicans-in-name-only Rep. Mike Simpson and Sen. Mike Crapo have been sent back to the drawing board.

Boulder-White Clouds bill still needs work, Idaho lawmakers tell Senate panel

Even the wilderness legislation’s architect, Mike Simpson, agrees there’s room for improvement.

BY LAUREN FRENCH, Idaho Statesman, 06/17/10 [here]

WASHINGTON - While it’s a compromise, the latest version of the Boulder-White Clouds wilderness bill can still use refinement, some members of Idaho’s congressional delegation say.

Rep. Mike Simpson and Sen. Mike Crapo, Idaho Republicans who back the measure, acknowledged during a hearing Wednesday that it is far from perfect. And Sen. Jim Risch, R-Idaho, who sits on the Senate subcommittee now considering the bill, said “there are still some pending issues that are going to need, perhaps, some more of that collaborative process to reach this consensus.”

The bill would designate 332,775 acres in the Boulder-White Cloud mountain ranges as three wildernesses, separated in part by motorized trails.

Advocates for recreation say much of the land is already under federal protection, and they don’t like the curbs the bill would place on other trails. Gov. Butch Otter opposes the bill, saying Idaho doesn’t need more wilderness. …

So Simpson’s grand scheme to Burn Baby Burn Idaho (and Montana) is in limbo now, hanging in abeyance like a side of beef in a meat locker waiting for the mad cow test.

Holocausters like to layer on “protection” like ugly wallpaper. Except the “protections” they offer don’t protect, they endanger.

The land in question has already been stolen from the rightful owners by imperialists. Now, instead of practicing good stewardship, the imperialists want to torch the land they seized in a gesture of bullheaded Mussoliniism.

As usual, the Yellow Press trots out the same old language. It’s a journalistic template. We will interpret for you.

On the other side, some environmentalists say the measure does not do enough to protect the area.

Technically, that’s true. The measure invites and assures catastrophic destruction by wholesale incineration. However, that’s not what the enviros mean by “protect”. The enviros welcome the fires; they shun humanity. They want the land destroyed so that people can’t enjoy it. They wish to “protect” the land from enjoyment. The enviros are a different species than you and me and they hate our kind, our entire taxon.

Simpson, who has championed the wildernesses for years…

Years and years of hard work by Simpson are going down the drain. Thank goodness. This guy has been on the wrong side forever. Why the Idaho Tea Party has not ridden him out on a rail is beyond me.

Rick Johnson, executive director of the Idaho Conservation League, said his group already has accepted “hard-to-swallow” parts of the bill, including provisions that leave some trails open to motorized recreation.

What a guy! An enviro bully accepts a compromise — some ground can be accessed temporarily before the whole Maryanne is consumed in a megafire. See the glint in his eye?

Johnson said the compromise plan has widespread support in Idaho. He said a poll of 400 people by a Republican pollster commissioned by the league found respondents favored the bill by a 2-to-1 margin when they knew its provisions.

Four hundred people! A Republican pollster! Do pollsters get different results depending on their party label? Is that what unbiased political science looks like? Who were these 400 people who get to decide for the rest of us? What are their names? Where do they live? Can we talk to them?

Johnson impresses me as yabo holocauster. I should take a poll, though, to determine if the whole world thinks so. Which they will when I finish with my “scientific” research into the matter. The expectation of bias is built into political polling systems. Why reinvent that wheel?

But Bill Dart, a representative of the Idaho Recreation Council, said an April poll it commissioned found that 70 percent of Republican respondents opposed the bill because of restrictions on motorized recreation.

Let’s put the polling knives down, shall we? The political polling concept is tainted in a bovine odoriferous way.

Frankly, who cares what polls say? Either burning down Idaho in a region-wide Category 5 megafire is a good idea or it isn’t. Wise leaders can make that judgment without polling the homeless people in Central Park. Simpson and Crapo say yes, let it burn. Otter says what, are you morons insane as well as stupid? There’s a difference of opinion among the leadership. It’s as simple as that.

During his testimony, Simpson reiterated his commitment to work with interest groups that have stakes in the bill.

“The people who live and recreate in this area are just important as the lines we draw on a map,” Simpson said.

Did you hear that residents? You are just as important as lines on a map! You, the people who pay Simpson’s salary, are just as important as a piece of paper! That’s got to make you feel pretty good and swell up with pride. Because prior to Simpson’s pronouncement the impression he gave was that you were less important than a piece of paper, and burning you out was of no more concern to Simpson than flushing a toilet.

But now, you can march down Main Street with a sign that says “We Are Just As Important As Lines On a Map”.

Otter reiterated his opposition in a letter Tuesday to Risch and Crapo.

“My opposition to CIEDRA and additional wilderness areas in Idaho should not surprise anyone,” the governor wrote.

“I recognize the need for economic development in Custer County, Clayton, and the surrounding communities, but remain unconvinced that the answer is more wilderness acres and federal red tape.”

He suggested changes, including a federal purchase of 3,700 acres of state land and permission for Idaho wildlife managers to land in the wilderness by plane or helicopter to collar wolves and other wildlife. But Otter made clear he wouldn’t back the bill even if his changes were made.

It’s nice to see that one leader in Idaho is not a holocauster. One guy, the governor of all people, has decided to stand up and reject the catastrophic incineration of Idaho. Butch Otter put his foot down, and the cockroaches scurried for the shadows. Good for Butch.

Otter’s Democratic opponent in the November election, Keith Allred, proclaimed his support for the bill and condemned Otter for offering suggestions for change only at the last minute.

But true to form, the Holocauster Party candidate wailed and gnashed his teeth. “Can’t we just burn everything down and then decide?” asks Keith “Lunatic Left” Allred.

And so on. It’s almost funny.

Somebody ought to drag Rep Simpson out to Yellow Pine and show him what the aftermath of catastrophic wildfire looks like. I’m not saying drag him behind a jeep or anything. I want him to be alert and attentive when he gets there. But it’s okay with me if you gag him, tie his hands behind his back, and tape his eyelids open. Then show him what destruction and disaster look like, and impress upon him that destruction and disaster are not what we want from our representatives in Congress. If you have to slap him around a little to impress those notions into his thick skull, so be it.

Here’s a thought. Vote for somebody else other than Simpson. He has proven that he can’t do the job. Beyond the shadow of a doubt. Why waste your vote on him? Vote for yourself, or your dog, or anybody else. Your life is at stake, you know. Simpson wants to incinerate you, not just your watershed, forests, landscape, home, family, etc. Why vote for someone who wants to kill you? Surely there are better candidates out there than that!

18 Jun 2010, 9:20am
by bear bait

People who hate people… the overriding theme and motivation of the Green Left. It never changes. People bear the burden of the Green Left’s edenic dreams. Other people. And we wonder about the levels of violence in our society.



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