The Wildlands Project Bill

It was hidden in Kerry-Lieberman 1,000-page Cap-and-Tax Bill introduced in May [here], but now the Wildlands Project has it’s own special bill, HR 5101, the Wildlife Corridors Conservation Act of 2010.

The Wildlands Project is the brainchild of the radical monkeywrencher group Earth First!. Their burning desire is to “set aside” 90% of the land area of the West in “core reserves” and “wildlife corridors” where human activities such as land stewardship and firefighting would be banned. The Wildland Project also calls for pan-ethnic cleansing, since much of the targeted lands are privately owned and currently inhabited by human residents, aka American citizens.

For a thorough examination of the Wildlands Project see The Wildlands Project, A Country Girl’s Musin’ by Judy Keeler [here]. Another good source of info is Montanans For Multiple Use [here].

The Wildlands Project has nothing to do with Global Warming, and Kerry-Lieberman Cap-and-Taxilla doesn’t either. It’s a power grab; hence the name “The American Power Act” [here]. But Cap-and-Taxilla is unlikely to pass, so the holocauster anti-humanists extracted the Wildlands Project language and set up their own bill.

The sponsors are Rep Rush D. Holt, (D-NJ), Rep Maurice D. Hinchey, (D-NY), Rep George Miller, (D-CA) and Rep Jared Polis, (D-CO). Polis is a mass of contradictions that I don’t even want to get into, see [here]. The rest don’t live within 1,000 miles of the affected landscape and are well-known radical leftists.

The text of HR 5101 is [here].

Norm M. writes:

This bill is intended to lead to the formal creation of several continental-scale wildlife corridor systems that include core habitat, connectivity, and buffer systems. Please read it carefully and spend some time considering what its passage would mean to your livelihood and interests.

If you hate the Human Race and love regional holocausts, this bill is for you. Please send us your name and address so we can add you to our list.

15 Jun 2010, 12:15pm
by Larry H.

Dead forests are simply NOT suitable as “wildlife corridors” or “wilderness”. Even the Sierra Club has guidelines and specifications that 17 million acres of dead forests cannot meet. Another glitch in their plans is the question of whether the destination that the wildlife corridors go to is present or future habitat for the wildlife that are supposed to be using these corridors. Chances are, all those dead lodgepoles in the Rockies will be toasted to a crackily-crunch, useless for anything except woodpecker food.



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