29 Mar 2010, 11:36am
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Here Come Obama’s Monuments

Last Friday the Obama administration announced for the first time in public in its plans to lock up millions of acres in No Touch Zones for the purposes of terminating responsible local stewardship and strangulating the American economy.

Last month we reported on the secret push by the Obama administration to lock up at least 13 million acres in new National Monuments via Presidential Proclamation [here]. The secret got out and caused a mini-furor in Utah and other western states.

Now the Obama administration has been forced into semi-transparency so they have couched the Lock It Up and Burn It plans as an outreach to youth called “America’s Great Outdoors”. They hope that by playing the Kiddie Card they can somehow avoid the increasing national disdain and disgust with Obama’s anti-Constitutional, one-party rule.

Obama’s efforts to circumvent Congress by declaring monuments, slashing oil and gas production, burning down forests, and declaring humanity-erased catastrophe zones (wilderness, roadless) were expected and are being carefully observed. Stab America in the back once, shame on you. Stab us twice, shame on us for allowing it.


USDA News Release No. 0153.10 [here]

WASHINGTON, Friday, March 26, 2010 - Obama Administration Officials announced today that they will host a White House Conference on America’s Great Outdoors on Friday, April 16, 2010. Nancy Sutley, Chair of the White House Council on Environmental Quality, Ken Salazar, Secretary of the Interior, and Tom Vilsack, Secretary of Agriculture are leading the conference, which will address the challenges, opportunities and innovations surrounding modern-day land conservation and the importance of reconnecting Americans and American families to the outdoors. … [more]

Ken Salazar invoked Teddy Roosevelt using the frequently repeated Obama refrain that nothing has happened in America for 100 years and maybe we can do something great again, if only we could break out of our century-long downward slide.

At a March 9 Senate Appropriations Committee Salazar testified, “It has been 102 years since President (Theodore) Roosevelt called the leaders of the nation together to launch a conservation agenda.”

History is not Ken’s strong suit. He must have forgotten the Timber Summit of 1993 when Bill Clinton and Algore shut down all logging in the Pacific Northwest and instituted a now 17-year-long depression in the region. That plan was inflicted ostensibly to “save” the spotted owl, but the owl population has crashed. Oh well.

Evidently forest stewardship was not killing off owls. Forestry was merely supporting the economy and supplying the nation with renewable resource wealth. Screw that action said Bill and Al, and Obama can’t wait to gesture to the region too.

The new monuments are located in Arizona (1), California (4), Colorado (1), Montana (1), Nevada (1), New Mexico (2), Oregon (1), Utah (2) and Washington (1). None are east of the Mississippi, where the vast landscape is already polluted beyond repair by Chicago gangsters and welfare-addicted hordes from Queens. East of the Mississippi is one big garbage dump, unworthy of confiscation by executive fiat.

One plan is to carve a giant upraised middle finger on some mountain out West, so the locals and gawking touristas can see what the East Coast fops, swells, and gangsters think of them. It will be named “Obama’s Legacy” or something like that.

More omnibus wilderness bills are in the works, as Obama’s omnibus runs over everybody and anybody who looks askance at the Obama-Gorbachev Doctrine of world domination through environmental takeover. “Throw them under the omnibus,” is the new catch-phrase at the White House and the UN.

Meanwhile, Obama’s rabid wolves stalk school children in Idaho, Montana, and New Mexico, and animist/atheists are engaging in a new transcendental slug worship cult. News with strobe video at 11.



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