27 Mar 2010, 5:06pm
Politics and politicians
by admin

The Wicked Witch of the East

The most vociferous proponent of locking up the West and inflicting catastrophic fire on forests is a pudgy blonde Congresswoman from New York City named Carolyn B. Maloney.

No one in Congress has done more to destroy forests, watersheds, livelihoods and communities than Carolyn B. Maloney, who herself has never seen a wilderness area, not counting Queens.

Maloney represents the east side of Manhattan and parts of Queens. It is an urban jungle, one of the most densely populated locales in America. The streets are filthy and riddled with gang warfare. The principal industries are drug trafficking and welfare fraud. Piles of trash line concrete canyons and the stench of garbage and raw sewage are overpowering. The endemic wildlife are rats, pigeons, cockroaches, and crackheads.

Yet Maloney was a main pusher of the Omnibus Public Lands Bill of 2009 that locked up more than 2 million acres of new wilderness areas in nine western states, dedicating those lands to holocaust. Not satisfied with that level of destruction, Maloney is the prime sponsor of the 24-million-acre “Northern Rockies Ecosystem Protection Act” (NREPA) [here].

NREPA is the brainchild of the most radical enviro-arsonists in America. It is the Congressional manifestation of “The Wildlands Project,” an effort to “rewild” the West through massive pan-ethnic cleansing of humanity off our homelands [here, here, here, here].

The West has not been wilderness since humans took residence here 13,500 years ago. Wilderness is a myth, a pernicious myth, and a weapon of anti-humanists.

The West is a wealth-creation region. We grow food and fiber. In contrast, the 14th District of New York, Maloney’s district, is a wealth-destruction region. Billions of dollars are pumped in every year by American taxpayers nationwide, and nothing comes out but garbage, disease, and filth.

Besides stealing and destroying land thousands of miles away from her district, Maloney’s big issues are gay marriage, gun control, support for Islamo-terrorism, and dismantling National defense.

Rumor has it that Oregon’s Senator Ron Wyden has his principal residence in Maloney’s district. That’s just a rumor. I don’t know where Ron’s wife and family live, but it isn’t in Oregon.

28 Mar 2010, 9:03am
by Larry H.

I am confident in saying that HUGE chunks of that 24 million acres is NOT suitable for what they want. Dead and dying forests should be exempted from “preservation” under ANY legislation. Dead forests do NOT make good “wildlife corridors” or designated “wilderness”. Any of those lands that don’t qualify as “wilderness” under the legal definitions will be lumped into their “wildlife corridors”. Most of the west is against such wholesale land grabs by eastern lawmakers but, we might not have enough votes to stop them.

Do we really need Federally-protected snag forests over many millions of acres?



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