6 Feb 2010, 1:39pm
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by admin

President Jokes About ‘Snowmageddon’

This is priceless:

Epic Snowstorm Batters Mid-Atlantic Region

Fox News, February 06, 2010 [here]

WASHINGTON — Mid-Atlantic residents were buried Saturday from a likely record-setting blizzard the president jokingly called “Snowmageddon,” and those brave enough tried to clear a path through the wet, heavy mounds of thigh-high snow.

The snow was falling too quickly in the nation’s capital for crews to keep up, and officials begged residents to stay home and out of the way so that roads might be cleared in time for everyone to return to work Monday. The usually traffic-snarled roads were mostly barren, and Washington’s familiar sites and monuments were covered with nearly 2 feet of snow. …

The storm toppled trees and knocked out power to hundreds of thousands of customers in Washington, Virginia, Maryland, Delaware, Pennsylvania and New Jersey. The situation was the same in West Virginia, where some 400 National Guard troops were helping with snow removal. …

First, there was a small fender bender on the White House south lawn. Then a tree branch, overcome with snow, cracked and fell on a motorcade vehicle with press inside when the president was coming back from a speech at the Democratic National Committee’s winter meeting in town.

Instead of a presidential limo, Obama rode in a black SUV covered with presidential seals.

Obama thanked Democrats for being “willing to brave a blizzard. Snowmageddon here in D.C.” …

Barack O. is from Hawaii via Indonesia. “Snowmageddon” is painful irony, because for years the Dems have been hysterical about Thermageddon, aka the Venus Effect, aka the boiling of the seas and end of all life due to runaway global warming as predicted by Al Gore, James Hansen, and various other nutjobs.

But it’s all a joke, a rude joke, a joke on you and me, the American taxpayers, who are being asked to fork over $trillions and to gut the American economy in the name of preventing Thermageddon.

Ha ha, Mr. President. Très drôle. Now sack your worthless Constitution-bashing climate czars, including EPA drama queen Lisa Jackson and population bomber John Holdren. The joke (aka the biggest hoax in history) is over.

10 Feb 2010, 4:03pm
by Larry H.

A superb Who video parody of “Baba O’Reilly”, turned into “Frozen Wasteland”. I wouldn’t have suggested it if the homegrown music wasn’t so good. Enjoy!


Reply: The Who are now known as Eh, What’s That Sonny?



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