26 Jan 2010, 10:53pm
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Reps Walden and Barton Question New SEC Rules on Climate Change

Tomorrow (Jan 27, 2010) the Security and Exchange Commission (SEC) plans to issue a new rule requiring corporations to explain how they are “alleviating global warming.”

Representatives Joe Barton and Greg Walden of the U.S. House Committee on Energy and Commerce have sent the SEC a letter requesting answers to seven key questions regarding the action [here].

The SEC plans to issue an “interpretive release” that has the effect of force of law with no hearings, taking no testimony, and without statutory authority to exercise jurisdiction over global warming “abatement.”

The SEC failed (with disastrous consequences for the entire world) to rein in investment banks and their credit default swaps that undermined the financial sector worldwide in 2008. The SEC failed to respond to repeated warnings about the Madoff Ponzi scheme, resulting in $65 billion in losses to investors.

Now the SEC has turned their defective attentions to the global warming hoax, not with the intention to protect investors from the fraud, but just the opposite — to force corporations to further the hoax.

As a result of the SEC’s ill-considered action tomorrow, corporations will be subject to civil lawsuits and criminal penalties if they do NOT participate in the greatest hoax in history.

Barton and Walden seek to forestall the SEC from become fraud merchants, the very thing the SEC was created to protect us from!

Let us hope that SEC Chairman Mary L. Schapiro and the rest of the SEC Commissioners take heed of Congressional displeasure and reject the new rule. If not, the SEC should be swept clean and responsible individuals installed in their place.

See also: Vested interests scary as any climate change scare by Annie Hales, Irish News [here]. A quote:

The transfer of carbon credits has the potential to devastate western economies.



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