17 Dec 2009, 2:59pm
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Accountability Matters

by Roni Bell Sylvester, Good Neighbor Law [here]

David Harsanyi’s column “Hide the decline . . . and more” [here and below] prompted me to write the following:

The minute an American Citizen’s paycheck goes to the government, its journey should be tracked to identify where it goes and if we approve.

If our tax payments head off in directions we disapprove, we should have the power to stop it!

Any thievery along the line should be exposed and dealt with before harm befalls anyone.

Trace-back would most likely reveal that a lion’s share of our tax payments one way or another go through a private corporation known as the Federal Reserve.

Someone needs to develop a diagram that clearly shows how eco-activist groups are linked to Hank Paulson, Goldman Sachs, Al Gore, and President Obama. Those of us in domestic resource production know they partner on birthing extractive policies out of climate change, clean water and restoration acts, Endangered Species, Law of the Sea Treaty, health care, stimulus bills, Environmental Protection Agency rulings, Department of the Interior (and more), in order to get land and water assets for themselves and for the Federal Reserve, which they loot periodically.

Each of us in the general public has the right to see the whole picture!

Some “on the ground techniques” these partners use to get land and water: stopping logging (giving us some horrific forest fires and pine bark beetle infestations; shutting off water (Klamath Falls, San Joaquin Valley, everywhere USA); prostitute the Endangered Species Act to stop resource production; threats of condemnation and eminent domain (in SE Colorado it isn’t the US Army alone that is absconding with land and water, mainly it’s Wall Street “partner” thugs); conservation easements and land trusts (more eco-thuggery funded by Goldman Sachs, etc.).

Most of these takings are driven by government grants to litigious groups, as verified by Wyoming attorney Karen Budd-Falen, in her work: “Equal Access to Justice Act Abuse” [here].

The Western Governors Association tells us they can’t use public land to install wind power transmission lines (but can’t provide one single solitary valid reason as to why not), and therefore are demanding easements on private property. Trojan horses sent in to take away private property is my observation!

As Lord Christopher Monckton said to Greenpeace activist at Copenhagen (and I paraphrase), ” Why wouldn’t I tell you the truth? It’s easy to check out what I’m saying. Don’t believe me… check this out for yourself.”

When the American Wildlife Federation presented itself as The Clean Water Restoration Act spokesperson, that was a red flag. The AWF is pushing for laws that mimic Saddam Hussein’s destruction of irrigation canals to agricultural areas in Iraq.

We didn’t elect the AWF, EPA, Obama’s czars or any eco-activist group to represent us. Therefore they should be forced to either get the hell off the stage, or run for public office and place themselves in front of the American Republic for thorough scrutiny and subsequent accountability for their actions!

As Harsanyi better stated in his essay, “At the very least, taxpayers should be able to hold government-funded scientific institutions to the same level of accountability as they do the local dog pound.”

Another observation: Senator Reid is America’s Saddam Hussein, by stealing Idaho/Utah/Nevada water. His health care bill is also symbolic of how his actions void our Constitution and seek to seize power and control over Americans.

What we haven’t been able to figure out is: what does the mainstream media have to gain by supporting policies designed to destroy America? Are they too tapping into the Federal Reserve?

America is in an emergency domestic crisis. I wish I was the President, for I see clearly how to solve this crisis in a peaceful, workable way.

How? I’d use my Executive Order powers to: abolish the practices of Federal Reserve, income tax and government grants; put in place the American Consumer Tax (ACT); initiate a “trace forward” of each American citizen’s tax payments; end law- or policy-making by any entity not defined as Congress under our Constitution; identify each law or regulation already made by entities not defined as Congress and rescind them; abolish each and every practice within the federal government that is unconstitutional, and return states rights to the states and the people.

Roni Bell Sylvester, Good Neighbor Law [here]


Harsanyi: Hide the decline . . . and more

By David Harsanyi, Denver Post, 12/16/2009 [here]

In this country, even a global warming denialist with a carbon fetish and bad intentions has the right to see the inner workings of government.

Or at least he should.

When leaked e-mails recently exposed talk of manipulating scientific evidence on global warming, Kevin Trenberth, head of the climate analysis section at the National Center for Atmospheric Research, argued that skeptics, and other evil-doers, had cherry-picked and presented his comments out of context.

To rectify this injustice, I sent Trenberth (and NCAR) a Freedom of Information request asking for his e-mail correspondences with other renowned climate scientists in an effort to help contextualize what they’ve been talking about.

Surely the tragically uninformed among us could use some perspective on innocuous Trenberth comments like “we can’t account for the lack of warming at the moment and it is a travesty that we can’t” or “we are [nowhere] close to knowing where energy is going or whether clouds are changing to make the planet brighter.”

Trenberth, lead author of the 1995, 2001 and 2007 IPCC Scientific Assessment of Climate Change, obtains approximately 95 percent of his funding through the federal government via the National Science Foundation.

Well, soon after the request was fired off, I was informed by NCAR’s counsel that the organization was, in fact, not a federal agency - since its budget is laundered through the National Science Foundation - thus it is under no obligation to provide information to the public.

“Why don’t you put all your emails online for everyone to see,” Trenberth helpfully suggested to me. “My email is none of your business.”

Now, generally, I would agree. It’s every American citizen’s hallowed duty to mind his or her own freaking business - except in those rare instances when one of those citizens happens to be a taxpayer-funded eco-crusader, utilizing his appointed station in life to promote policy that sticks its nose into the lives of every American.

I’m afraid snarky columnizing, on the other hand, is not federally funded - at least not yet.

In fact, Trenberth’s work is one reason the nation is moving toward rationed energy use via cap-and-trade legislation. His work is one reason the Environmental Protection Agency, through its endangerment findings on carbon emissions, can regulate industry by decree. It is Trenberth’s government-financed science that drives public policy across this country. Yet Trenberth has less accountability to the public than the local parks department. … [more]



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