16 Dec 2009, 10:06pm
Private land policies
by admin

Firesafe in Tierrasanta

by Spud A. Squirrel

Went to mail a letter and stopped at the bottom of the hill to snap some pics. I told the dude that was working that area that he was doing an outstanding job. He was shocked — I don’t think anyone has ever thanked him for his work before!

Anyways, [here] is a link to what they are doing. Apparently FEMA cash is involved as well, no way the Feds wouldn’t get their hands into this since Tierrasanta was affected during the Cedar Fire (2003) although minimally (about 17 homes lost) and somewhat at risk during the Witch Fire (2007).

Before (click for larger image)

After (click for larger image)

The before and after pics are at the southernmost ends of what is called Rueda Canyon and you can view it on the map at the web site. I don’t believe the after image site is completed either, since they still have the entire area cordoned off. I live about 6 blocks up Rueda and about 4 houses from the canyon… feel free to Google Earth me… I always love it when people do that since it makes me all tingly :)

It’s kind of cool that our little community, which is not a city but part of greater San Diego, has a fire council, fuel mapping, etc, dontcha think? Shouldn’t every community do something like this? Perhaps this would be a good role for ACORN… they could cut down trees and grind them up!

Nah…. I was just joshing about the ACORN crap… actually, I kind of like the fact that we have a town council, even though we aren’t technically a town, who works hard to make this stuff happen. We also have beer in the park and free movies outdoors in the summer.

The nickname for Tierrasanta is “The Island in the Hills” because it is pretty secluded even though it is convenient to go anywhere. There is nothing to the east of us except Mission Trails Park [here], one of the largest urban parks in the U.S., and every time some shit-for-brains politician tries to push the roads through eastward to Mission Gorge Road, the town council and the county make it not happen. If it weren’t for the fire worries, which we are now finally dealing with, this is probably the best place in SD to live.



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