8 Jun 2008, 10:43pm
2007 Fire Season Federal forest policy
by admin

More 2007 Idaho Fire Aftermath Pics

During the 2007 fires. This how to destroy a watershed.

Welcome to the wasteland.

This mountainside used to be green.

The USFS claims the fires reduced the fuels. Does it look like that to you?

This forest was “treated” by a “wildland fire used for resource benefit.” Is this a healthy forest now? What resources benefited? Answer: none. All imaginable resources from wildlife habitat to watershed values were destroyed utterly.

Do you ever get tired of being lied to by your government? I certainly do.

9 Jun 2008, 10:08am
by bear bait

In the first picture, there are some trees with green tops. In three years, 95% of those trees with green tops the first spring after the fire will be dead. If the roots weren’t burned, then the boring bugs get them. The engravers, the bark beetles. I advised a friend of that, and he did not log any of his green top trees last August while the Egley fire was still smoking. He had a logging permit, a logger, and by September, the logs that were salable were gone, and any green topped trees were left. It is spring, and more than half of those are now red. And, the mills are not buying logs as they are closed. You cannot cold deck burned logs in summer, and have anything to saw when the market changes. The logs continue to decay, and bugs continue to chomp. In the old days, they would set up irrigation pipe, and water the logs, and chemigate Lindane through the pipes. Killed the bugs and made EPA super sites under the log decking areas. Or at least any that have been tested, or are known today as to location.

Wildland Fire Use is an insane ploy be Auditor General Bean Counters, NGOs striving for dominion over all the land, and lazy ass USFS newbies, ignorant of the USFS institutional memory. That memory is long gone, and the smartest, most objective thing USDA could do is to institute retired USFS employee roundtable discussions of how to get there from here. Pay them passage, per diem, buy their rooms. Have the Institutional Memory recorded, put on paper, burned on discs, and archived. There are old Rangers, Supervisors, and staff that put in a lifetime on one Forest or even Ranger District. They know stuff. They felt the pulse, the lifeblood, of that area for a lifetime. They are the Elders, the Gray Beards, the Keepers of the Knowledge. If you think Indian burning had an effect, those people can remember where the now aforested prairies and meadows were, what plants were there, and what wildlife used the area.

There is a huge movement and big fines for messing with “cultural sites” of long gone Native Americans. So allowing a meadow to be usurped by trees is not the ruin of a cultural resource? So WFU is not the ruin of a cultural resource, and a point on which to object to WFU? Are Clean Air and Clean Water not points to object to WFU? Or greenhouse gas issues? Pulllllleeeze! The nonsense has gone on for long enough. Bring back the old timers to straighten this insanity out.

9 Jun 2008, 12:18pm
by Forrest Grump

No fuel there, no sur.

The weather is depressing enough now, and now THIS. How is this better than forestry? What a stinking, no good rotten pukefaced shame. A crime.



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