24 Feb 2008, 11:58am
Forestry education
by admin

Before The Wilderness

For your edification and pleasure, please check out the latest title in the W.I.S.E. Library:

Blackburn, Thomas C. and Kat Anderson, eds. Before The Wilderness: Environmental Management by Native Californians. 1993. Malki Press - Ballena Press [here]

Before the Wilderness is one of the best and most important works ever published in the field of Western landscape natural/cultural history.

The title is not a joke. Wilderness is a modern concept. Before Euro-American mythical glosses and ugh! racist and destructive laws were enacted to codify “wilderness,” the land was home to people and animals. Wilderness is a myth. This book is a fascinating and scholarly exploration of the facts.

What else is there to say? A must read.



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