19 Jan 2008, 5:05pm
by admin

Check out the other W.I.S.E. subsites

There’s a lot of good stuff building up here at SOS Forests, the New Version. But there’s a bunch of good stuff on the other W.I.S.E. subsites, too.

Forest, Fire, and Wildlife News contains a number of items that boggle the sensibilities. They amuse, surprise, shock, and delight the cynically-inclined! Many suggestions for news articles to post have been received, and all are very much appreciated.

Wildlife and People also has some enlightening posts, and much more to come.

The Colloquia are gradually expanding, too. Bit by bit the best new paradigm science is inching onto the site. Not as fast as I’d like, because it’s time-consuming to read (or re-read) cutting-edge science books and reports and then write decent reviews. But we’re getting there.

Lots to read at W.I.S.E. already, though. And fun to read, whether you agree with the item/author or not. Not to mention educational.

Feel free to comment elsewhere at W.I.S.E. I think Forest, Fire, and Wildlife News especially has some doozies worth a shot or two.

20 Jan 2008, 1:28pm
by Mike

Thank you to all who are paying attention.



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