20 Apr 2011, 9:26am
Monkeywrenching forests Useless and Stupid
by admin

The Wild Frontier

Last week Frontier Airlines, the fossil-fuel-burning, tarmac-hogging, government-subsidized, crony-capitalist transportation company, a wholly owned subsidiary of Republic Airways Holdings, Inc. (NASDAQ: RJET), declaerd itself to be, and we quote, “the official airline of The Wilderness Society.”

Yes, sports fans, it’s true:

Frontier Airlines Partners With The Wilderness Society

by Businesswire (A Berkshire-Hathaway Company), April 12, 2011 [here]

DENVER-(BUSINESS WIRE)-In further support of the communities in which it flies, Frontier Airlines is pleased to announce a partnership with The Wilderness Society, a leading public-lands conservation organization working to protect wilderness and inspire Americans to care for our wild places. Frontier Airlines, a wholly owned subsidiary of Republic Airways Holdings, Inc. (NASDAQ: RJET), will serve as the official airline of The Wilderness Society and support its ongoing efforts to protect America’s great places.

Frontier’s partnership with The Wilderness Society will support wilderness and wildlife protection in communities across the United States, including areas within the White River National Forest region of Colorado, the San Gabriel Mountains in California, and the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge in Alaska, among others.

“Frontier is more than an airline with animals on its tails, we are a Company with an intense passion for the communities we serve and a real responsibility to help protect the incredible wilderness habitats our guests travel to each and every day and in which our ‘spokesanimals’ call home,” said Bryan Bedford, chairman, president and CEO of Frontier Airlines. “We are so pleased to work together with The Wilderness Society in their effort to protect the nation’s wilderness and inspire people to connect with these great places.”

“The partnership between Frontier Airlines and The Wilderness Society enables people to experience first-hand nature’s treasures,” said William H. Meadows, president of The Wilderness Society. “Together we can protect the places we love by connecting people to iconic American landscapes that sustain Frontier’s ‘spokesanimals’.” …

Frontier will support The Wilderness Society through financial contributions, creative fundraising efforts and employee volunteerism. …

Evidently the chairman, president and CEO of Frontier Airlines is too busy polluting the friendly skies to realize the wilderness is a pernicious and destructive myth:

* the land has been home to human beings for many thousands of years

* real human beings, not wild savages

* real human beings have modified landscapes across the continent for sustainable survival

* real human beings made this continent into productive homelands millennia before Frontier Airlines started ripping off travelers and taxpayers

* wilderness designation means humanity is excluded, traditional stewardship terminated, and catastrophic fires ensue

* No Touch, Let It Burn, Watch it Rot wilderness policies are actually bad for wildlife, including “spokesanimals” — killing real and cartoon creatures and incinerating their habitat

* The Wilderness Society is already dripping with cash and doesn’t need any of Frontier’s excessive profits

* When the next holocaust destroys umpteen “wilderness” acres and burns into town, it would be karmic justice if Bryan Bedford’s home burns down.

* Because, among other justifications, Bryan Bedford’s home is built of materials which were once raw and harvested from productive resource lands, something he despises now that he is as rich as an oil sheik

* when Bryan Bedford decides to forcefully evict and ethnically cleanse hundreds of millions of acres, and burn those acres into moonscape wastelands, he is actually doing grave harm to people who might otherwise have had the wherewithal to fly occasionally on Frontier Airlines but now are bankrupt and losing their homes

It is clear. Bryan Bedford wants to tango. Fine with me. Happy to oblige.

Please BOYCOTT of Frontier Airlines, a wholly owned subsidiary of Republic Airways Holdings, Inc. (NASDAQ: RJET)

If you love this country; if you don’t want it destroyed in holocausts by the nabob urban elite; if you respect your fellow humans and human heritage; if you value stewardship, wildlife, water, recreation, scenery, and other natural renewable resources; if you value your home and neighborhood;

then please BOYCOTT Frontier Airlines.

Do not fly on that lunatic carrier, do not own stock in them, and encourage your friends to BOYCOTT and reject them utterly.

Bryan Bedford makes too much money as it is. So does William H. Meadows. Those pigs are living in Fat Land while they promulgate absurdist lies that lead directly to megafire catastrophe, racism, economic deprivation, rape by fire of the landscape, and abandonment of human heritage and stewardship of multi-millennial vintage.

Let us now bankrupt Frontier Airlines and drive Bryan Bedford and his family into the gutter. That’s what Bryan Bedford wants to do to you and your family. Turnabout is fair play.

Frontier Airlines belongs in the economic dumpster, the trash bin of history. Let them burn in Chapter 11. See how they like it. It’s what they want for you — what’s good for the goose must be good for the klepto-aristocrat ganders.

20 Apr 2011, 9:36am
by Julie S.

Legion are the number of good folks that enjoy one or more of the following forms of recreation and/or transportation: pedal-version mountain bikes, electric or gas powered fishing boats, motor vehicles, motor homes, jet skis, motor bikes, all-terrain vehicles, off-road vehicles, etc. All these forms of recreation/transportation are forbidden in designated wilderness areas.

With almost 110 million acres in America currently designate’ as wilderness, the appetite to add more and ever more land — and the natural resources on, in and under that land — organizations like The Wilderness Society are never satisfied. Consider the reason, and whether it’s really about ‘protecting’ every square inch of America and beyond, or controlling every square inch.

Many former economically healthy rural places have been decimated by this and other related juggernauts of “conservation”.

Consider the number of people participating in the forms of recreation/transportation mentioned above and you’ll find that it’s a substantial number to alienate from flying Frontier Airlines or its parent company, Republic Airways.

Unless and until the current stance of supporting such an onerous organization as The Wilderness Society is withdrawn, I’ve added it and all of Republic Airways affiliates to my “DO NOT FLY” list, recommending that my friends, family and acquaintances follow suit.

As a born and bred American, my interests lie in the health and well-being of my country as well as my own health and well-being.

I cannot and will not, in good conscience, support any company that aligns itself in such a manner with what amounts to a lock-up-and-destroy all the resources organization.

After all, it is not public land if the public is denied access.

In the sincere hope that this voice of reason will be heard across America, and that you will immediately withdraw your support and patronage of Frontier Airlines.

20 Apr 2011, 1:18pm
by YPmule

Funny how the only motorized transportation allowed in the wilderness - is airplanes. There are about 50 airstrips in and around the Frank Church. Early summer mornings on weekends the buzz of airplanes is almost constant. Yet airplanes are forbidden to fight wilderness fires. The F&G had to get special permission (over lots of loud protests) to land helicopters for wolf studies.

I can see why an airline owner would be enamored of wilderness, as the wilderness was made for pilots.

Reply: Dear YP,

Do you think Bryan Bedford is an actual pilot and not just some crony capitalist East Coast liberal stooge following the suggestions of his gay Madison Ave. advertising contractors?

Because that would make a difference. Maybe Bryan Bedford has flown over the 1,200 square mile Yellow Pine Burn. Maybe he looked down, saw all that devastation, and said to himself,

“I LIKE that. Let’s do that everywhere! I want to associate my company with moonscape devastation, anti-science, anti-history and heritage, anti-humanism, pan-ethnic cleansing, runamuck imperialism, pernicious, racist, and destructive myth, and especially catastrophic holocaust that burns out vast landscapes.”

That was certainly the attitude expressed by The Wilderness Society, Bryan Bedford’s new business partner and “charity”.

If Bryan Bedford is an actual holocauster and not just a stooge, then he is one evil SOB. All the more reason to shitcan his company, bankrupt it, dismantle it, and part it out to some hopefully non-evil entities.

22 Apr 2011, 12:44pm
by YPmule

Reply - I don’t know the answers to your questions.

I was looking at who has the most access to wilderness. Follow the money. Lock out the “little people” - kick out the families that lived there for generations so the privileged can visit once in a while in ease and comfort and pretend humans were never there (and ignore the first people ever existed.) Burn down the historic cabins to make sure no artifacts remain.

It is also ironic that an airline (big polluter) pretends to be green by getting in bed with wilderness advocates. I agree that is evil.



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