Indoctrinating the Children in Oregon

Propagandizing your kids with your tax dollars, courtesy Oregon State University

Note the following authentic email (names have been changed to protect the guilty).

—-Original Message—-
Sent: Wed 5/5/2010 15:03
Subject: [GECO] Classroom Carbon Challenge- testers needed

Hello GECOs,

The Classroom Carbon Challenge folks are developing a board game for middle schoolers and would love your help! We need adult participants to try out the board game next Mon the 10th at 7:30pm, Location TBA, and give us feedback. Please email to let us know if you can join us. In exchange you get to have some fun and eat some cookies!

The game has players make decisions about GHG-emitting behaviors and consider how to budget a fair share of “carbon emissions”. It’s part of ongoing development of classroom activities about climate change.

If you like middle schoolers, we’ll be playing the game out with real live kids Thur 13th at 1pm and you’re welcome to join us. If you’re interested but can’t make these sessions, we’d still love to hear from you.

Hope you’re enjoying spring!



Yep, sports fans. The Big U has a propaganda program to indoctrinate kids in the Global Warming Hoax. It’s the Algore Youth Brigade, coming to your middle school, coming from your university.

Check it out. GECO is the Global Environmental Change Organization [here], an “interdisciplinary avenue for Oregon State University students, researchers, and professors to pool resources, energy, and knowledge about global change.”

It’s a student group with an Idea Bank. Some of GECO’s ideas:

* Campus symposium
* Communicating to kids about climate change
* Writing editorials
* Panel discussion
* Inviting speakers
* Fundraising for exciting events
* Low carbon BBQ
* Writing group
* Lab tours - Ice core lab!

GECO’s faculty advisor is none other than College of Forestry professor Bev Law, notable for the Donato-Law paper “Post-Wildfire Logging Hinders Regeneration and Increases Fire Risk”, published in Science BREVIA, Jan., 2006 [here, here, here].

GECO is linked to the Oregon Climate Change Research Institute (OCCRI), headed up by Dr. Philip Mote - Director.

History buffs may recall the Great State Climate Debate [here] in 2007 when Oregon State Climatologist George Taylor debated Washington State Climate Alarmist Phil Mote at at a meeting sponsored by the Oregon Chapter of the American Meteorological Society and hosted by the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry (OMSI).

George cleaned Phil’s clock in that debate, which irked Governor Ted Kulongoski. Teddy the Torch, a tool of the Goldschmidt Machine, subsequently closed the Oregon State Climatologist’s office at OSU and forced George Taylor into early retirement. Then Teddy created OCCRI and hired loser Phil Mote.

It’s all political. In Oregon, the Governor circumvents all established procedures and academic freedoms and personally hires and fires faculty at OSU, based on their political leanings. It’s a novel system, not practiced elsewhere in the Free World but typical of communist dictatorships and banana republics like Cuba (of which Teddy the Torch is inordinately fond).

But anyway, the latest craze to come out of the Oregon State Marxist Re-Education Facility is a climate board game for kids. Created by the Classroom Carbon Challenge folks, your kids can learn how to reduce your carbon footprint. In the old days the kids wanted to drive Pop’s car. Now they learn in school that the best thing is to sabotage it by cutting the brake lines. It’s positively Khmer Rouge!

The kids are ready for Climate Monopoly. After all, they have been brainwashed by Algore’s movie, slide shows from Algore operative (and now Goobernatorial candidate Phil Bonehead), and daily torture by union thugs from the Oregon Education Association. Your little darlings have been more or less lobotomized.

They have learned that no challenge to “the basic tenets of anthropogenic global warming (AGW)” is permitted and “the evidence in support of AGW is unequivocal.” Any climate change skeptic who questions “the basic tenets of climate change” is “wrong and/or ignorant” [here].

Is it any wonder that Oregon is ranked 49th out of 50 states in the quality of public education [here]?

However, Oregon leads the nation in political indoctrination of children. Nobody has taken a poll that I know of, but I’m sure we’d win the blue ribbon in that category. Credit goes to our one-party government system run by convicted child molesters.

10 May 2010, 8:43pm
by Larry H.

Amazingly enough, today I got an invitation to take some Scouts on a hike to teach them about trees and forests! The bad thing is that only forests near the San Francisco Bay Area are available. I think I have a good second growth forest to take them to, complete with HUGE Douglas firs and redwoods that are probably only 100 years old. The forests were logged and burned but still have recovered quite well.

I’m hoping to reverse any dogma put forth by their teachers, and to explain how the American Indians managed their own lands before the arrival of the white man.



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