27 Apr 2010, 10:22pm
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Judge Molloy Sets Court Date For Wolf Delisting Lawsuit

by Tom Remington, Black Bear Blog, April 27, 2010 [here]

Federal court judge, Donald Molloy, has set June 15, 2010 as the date in which he will hear arguments from both sides in the gray wolf lawsuit initiated by EarthJustice, et. al. Last year the laundry list of environmental groups sued the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service seeking an emergency injunction to stop the removal of the gray wolf from federal protection. An emergency injunction would have put a halt to wolf hunts scheduled to take place in Idaho and Montana. That injunction was not granted and the wolf hunts ensued.

It’s really anybody’s guess as to what Judge Molloy will rule. Science is not followed, precedence is cherry picked and perhaps we would not be having another lawsuit at this level had the USFWS gotten its act together and appealed the first ruling when Judge Molloy blocked the fed’s attempt at delisting.

In short, Molloy will do pretty much as he darn well pleases, as has been the case in past wolf court cases. The courts have shown American citizens that federal promises mean nothing; that actions such as this one to introduce wolves into the Northern Rocky Mountains resembles nothing remotely similar to the plans and promises laid out by the USFWS. … [more]



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