27 Apr 2010, 10:24pm
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Forestry trend is putting Oregonians out of work

by Mickey Bellman, Salem Statesman Journal, April 26, 2010 [here]

Another logger is out of work today. Actually, it is Jamie the loader operator, Rex the hook tender, Don the chaser, Jerry the truck driver and a half dozen other men, all with names and families. Last week they were taxpaying citizens; this week they will begin collecting unemployment checks and food stamps.

To the greenies, this is good news. Fewer trees will be harvested, and that’s what the zealots have wanted all these long decades. They have protested and litigated forest plans and timber sales for every real, theoretical and whimsical reason they could conjure up. Please don’t ever complain about the price of toilet paper, lumber or new houses in the future.

More sympathetic readers may sadly wag their heads and talk about how those loggers should have seen it coming. The company should have bought new equipment to embrace forest health and bio-energy. Nice theory, except the new equipment costs hundreds of thousands of dollars with no guarantee there will be any work for it.

Banks won’t loan money to distressed homeowners, let alone to loggers who are viewed with disdain.

After 27 years of impeccable credit and financial solvency, the bank suddenly canceled the credit line and bank accounts of this logging company because it was deemed a “bad risk.” How’s that for stimulation? … [more]



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