26 Feb 2010, 7:37pm
by admin

NAIS is Not Dead, Just Renamed

by Carolin Burch, Freedom Advocates, 25 February 2010 [here]

Contrary to what you are being told the National Animal Identification System (NAIS) is not dead; just renamed, reworded and still very much alive. This was the message brought to the Ozarks Property Rights Congress (OPRC) meeting in Gainesville, Missouri on Thursday, February 11, 2010 by Bob Parker who said he hated to bring that news. “Being one of those who has worked hard over the past four or five years to stop NAIS, nothing would please me and my co-workers more than to be able to report that indeed NAIS has gone away. But sadly it is still here under a new name and coming at us with a reshuffled approach.” Parker read excerpts from a fact sheet released by USDA February 5th which outlined the new approach.

The animal identification program will now be called the Federal Animal Disease Traceability System and premise identification registration numbers are now “unique location identifiers.” Parker pointed out that the USDA paper says that since so much tax payer money has been spent on efforts to implement NAIS that as much of the failed program as possible must be salvaged and used in the new program such as use of the NAIS “840″ ear tags. They say it would be fiscally irresponsible to disregard all elements of NAIS.

USDA acknowledged that massive public opposition to their proposed NAIS program has caused them to revise the prior policy and offer a new approach.

Parker noted that while USDA says the frame work for the new approach will emphasize states participation, they are very clear and emphatic on one major point which seems non-negotiable in their view. They intend to enforce animal identification at the level of interstate commerce as they said they would do under the original NAIS plan. …

Parker expressed disdain for those elected officials who quickly put out news releases bragging how they were instrumental in stopping NAIS. “They evidently didn’t read the rest of the story and were quick to make political hay. They do their constituents a real dis-service by touting a hollow victory.” … [more]



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