14 Aug 2010, 10:59am
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by admin

Coalition demands release of details on Ruby Pipeline $20M extortion deal

The Ogden Standard-Examiner, August 12, 2010 [here]

Members of a new coalition have formally asked El Paso Corporation to release the details of a $20 million contract between the company and environmental groups that wanted to stall the construction of the Ruby Pipeline.

County commissions from Utah, Nevada, Wyoming, Idaho and Oregon met at the Utah Capitol on Thursday to band together and figure out some way to respond to the recent news that El Paso entered an agreement with Western Watershed[s] Project that many fear puts ranchers’ grazing permits in danger.

El Paso will pay $15 million over 10 years, to form a sagebrush conservation fund, through a nonprofit third-party fund managed by El Paso, Western Watershed[s] Project, and a third individual who has not yet been selected.

The other $5 million will be paid to the Oregon Natural Desert Association.

Ranchers who depend on the use of public land for livestock grazing are most concerned about a provision of the agreement that may allow the money to be used to purchase and retire grazing permits, with the intent to decrease grazing on public land.

Dave Eliason, of Tremonton, president of the Utah Cattlemen’s Association, is a rancher who has faced Western Watershed[s] Project in court on two different occasions.

(El Paso) didn’t make a deal with a conservation group,” Eliason said. “They made a deal with the devil.”

Commissioners from 15 counties in all five states agreed that, while they remain in support of Ruby Pipeline’s construction, they would like to see El Paso back out of the agreement with Western Watershed, but for now they issued a statement requesting a full copy of the agreement. … [more]

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17 Aug 2010, 8:17am
by Allen T.

Do like Nancy Reagan, and JUST SAY NO!!! If any of you wish to sell your grazing permit, just sell it to a neighbor, or a relative! I just don’t understand your ire! Aren’t your permits worth more as a result of this “deal with the devil”?

Reply: WWP now has the cash, thanks to Ruby, to bid up permits to astronomical levels and out-bid real ranchers. They also have more $$ to finance lawsuits intended to terminate grazing permits. Either way, ranchers are put out of business, which is the stated intention of WWP. What business are you in Allen?



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