14 Jun 2009, 9:28pm
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News You Can Use From the Editors of RANGE magazine

New on the Web! RANGEFiRE

Press Release: May 12, 2009

Carson City, Nevada, May 12, 2009 — C.J. Hadley, publisher/editor of RANGE magazine, announced the debut of RANGEFiRE [here] a Web site created by the editors of RANGE for people who need timely news, information and insider-intelligence about all the issues threatening the livelihoods of those who husband the lands and critters of the western United States.

These American ranchers, farmers and loggers preserve “The Cowboy Spirit on America’s Outback,” and RANGEFiRE provides fast-burn news, links, and editorials for those who share that spirit.

RANGEFiRE will help smoke out the scoundrels, rascals, weasels, and rats who infest the nation’s political landscape.

But to work, RANGEFiRE needs as much input as it can get, so the site includes a blog for readers to share views and opinions.

To get the sparks flying, we’re offering a special subscription rate for RANGEFiRE bloggers — a year of award-winning RANGE magazine at 23% off, $15.50 for four quarterly issues! Call 1-800-RANGE-4-U (1-800-726-4348). We take VISA or MasterCard.

Light up the range!

Read and contribute to RANGEFiRE!



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