20 May 2009, 11:23am
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Refueling Outdoor America

Colorado’s Rocky Mountain National Park becomes a wilderness

Rocky Mountain National Park and other Colorado sites protected

Vail Daily, April 9, 2009 [here]

Interior Secretary Ken Salazar joined Colorado lawmakers, business and conservation leaders Thursday to celebrate the designation of Rocky Mountain National Park’s new wilderness area after 35 years of work.

The park and other Colorado sites were among more than 2 million acres in nine states set aside as protected wilderness in a bill signed March 30 by President Barack Obama.

Salazar told about 200 people that in other times of crisis, former presidents, including Abraham Lincoln and Teddy Roosevelt, had worked to preserve the nation’s heritage, including creating national parks and wildlife refuges.

“It’s very appropriate, it seems to me, that at this point in our history we stand up and we say we will refuel our spirit, refuel our strengths by celebrating the landscapes of America,” Salazar declared. … [more]

And refueling the landscape so it burns in catastrophic fashion. The word “protection” is used euphemistically in this case. Burn, Baby, Burn. Thanks a heap, Kenny.



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