Graham urges GOP to address issues important to young people, Hispanics

Senator says offering ideas on immigration, energy will expand party’s base

By Clark Brooks, June 13, 2010 [here]

U.S. Sen. Lindsey Graham says the GOP cannot hope to regain the White House and grow in coming decades if Republicans are not significant players in passing meaningful immigration and energy reform.

Those issues are of great importance to two groups Republicans badly need: young people and Hispanics, Graham told The Greenville News .

Graham said clean energy is a critical issue for young people, and “we have a problem with 30 and younger voters.” If GOP lawmakers continue to argue there is no downside to carbon pollution, the party is “going to lose young people forever as Republicans because they’ve grown up being very environmentally sensitive,” he said.

“So for the Republican Party, we’ve got to make a decision,” Graham said. “Are we going to be the party of carbon pollution forever? If so, then I think our ability as a party to grow in terms of young voters is going to be severely hurt.” … [more]

Note: Flip-Flop Graham is grasping for excuses to justify his former support of Cap-and-Taxilla. He did it for the children and for the little brown voters. Why, they’ll never believe that CO2 is not a pollutant but instead the fundamental nutrient of all life. Because they’ve grown up attending public school and had their heads stuffed with garbage. So let’s pander to their ignorance. It’s for the good of the Party.



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