11 Jul 2009, 10:37pm
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Horse Valley Foofurb* Fire

Location: 10 miles WSW of Panguitch, Garfield Co., UT
Specific Location: Haycock Creek, Dixie NF, Lat 37° 45´ 40″, Lon 112° 39´ 10″

Date of Origin: 07/05/2009
Cause: Lightning

Situation as of 07/17/2009 6:00 pm
Personnel: 173
Size: 2,916 acres
Percent Contained: 100%

Costs to Date: $2,100,000

Return to Dixie National Forest on 7-18-09.

No listing of this fire on InciWeb.


Situation as of 07/15/2009 5:00 pm
Personnel: 244
Size: 2,916 acres
Percent Contained: 74%

Costs to Date: $1,500,000

Working spots, mop-up, continue with constructing line.


Situation as of 07/13/2009 5:30 pm
Personnel: 302
Size: 2,600 acres
Percent Contained: 35%

Interior islands continue to burn. Continuing burnout operations.


Situation as of 07/12/2009 5:30 pm
Personnel: 284
Size: 2,184 acres
Percent Contained: 25%

Flanking actions and working spots.


Situation as of 07/11/2009 8:00 pm
Personnel: 198
Size: 1,800 acres
Percent Contained: 10%

Growth potential high. This fire is now managed for full suppression.


Dixie wildfire burns nearly 1,700 acres

By Michael R. McFall, Deseret News, July 11, 2009 11:34 p.m. [here]

Dixie National Park officials have had quite enough of a wildfire that has burned almost 1,700 acres as of Saturday morning.

Although the fire was allowed to burn naturally for the last three days, multiple fire crews from around the state have banded together to completely extinguish it now that it’s grown as large as officials want it to spread.

“There aren’t that many large fires in Utah right now. But it’s one of the largest, so it’s getting our attention,” said Dixie National Forest spokeswoman Andi Falsetto. Utah fire crews teamed up with firefighters from the Bureau of Land Management, the Bureau of Indian Affairs and the U.S. Forest Service to completely suppress the fire.

The wildfire, located three miles north of Panguitch Lake, has destroyed an isolated outbuilding. There is no immediate threat to the summer homes in the area or to any of the other outbuildings, Falsetto said.

It started when lightning struck in the valley’s south end on July 2. But fire crews didn’t jump on the blaze until Thursday, when strong winds began to feed the flames. … [more]


Situation as of 07/10/2009 6:30 pm
Personnel: 170
Size: 1,200 acres
Percent Contained: 10%

This fire is split into two portions : 700 acre spot (full suppression), 500 acres foofurb* (managed for resource benefit).

Red Flag Warning for Sunday, July 12 for gusty winds and low relative humidity.

*foofurb: euphemism for “fire used for resource benefit”. However, as is usual with foofurbs, no benefits have been elucidated, no EIS created, no public involvement or hearings held.



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