28 Oct 2008, 3:44pm
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Marteen WFU Fire

Marteen WFU Fire

Location: 15 miles northeast of Williams, Coconino Co., AZ

Specific Location: Kaibab NF, 35.443 latitude, -112.023 longitude

Date of Origin: 08/07/2008
Cause: lightning

Situation as of 10/31/2008 1:00 PM
Personnel: 28
Size: 9,947 acres
Percent Containment: 0%

Very active fire behavior with spotting and torching. Fire reached and burned approximately 40-50 acres on the W side on Laws Hill. Fireline was reinforced along Forest Road 118 to Horse Lake. Worked on a 20 acre spot north of Red Hill.

Increased winds, up to 20 mph, are predicted this week.


Situation as of 10/29/2008 11:00 PM
Personnel: 19
Size: 7,181 acres
Percent Containment: 0%

Fuels Involved: Ponderosa pine, grass, brush and pinyon juniper

Fire Behavior: Active ground fire, short runs with isolated torching.

Aerial and hand ignitions used to reinforce buffer zone between fire and private property.


Situation as of 10/27/2008
Personnel: 13
Size: 4,452 acres
Percent Containment: 0%

Fire spreading at a steady pace along the Coxcomb Ridge System. Fire personnel on the Kaibab National Forest continue to manage the Marteen Wildland Fire Use for resource benefits. Tuesday, 10/28, personnel will take actions to reinforce a fireline southeast of the fire along the boundary between the Kaibab National Forest and private property.


Situation as of 10/24/2008
Personnel: unknown
Size: 2,982 acres
Percent Containment: 0%

Currently, actions are taking place to create a buffer between the leading edge of the fire and private property in Spring Valley, north of I-40. Other actions taken on the incident to date include protecting archaeological sites, preventing rapid-fire spread upslope on Squaw Mountain and pre-emptive burning around private property to the north in advance of fire spread.


Situation as of 10/21/2008
Personnel: unknown
Size: 1,135 acres
Percent Containment: 0%

The fire started August 7 by lightning and grew to 700 acres before stalling out under steady monsoonal wet weather. On Oct. 15, fire personnel observed renewed activity. Personnel assigned to the incident are monitoring activity and recording fire progression.


Situation as of 8/23/2008
Personnel: 8
Size: 469 acres
Percent Containment: 0%

Today, personnel will implement management actions to prevent fire spread toward private property. Friday, personnel took measures to protect archaeological sites. Managers are also developing a comprehensive strategy that outlines management actions that will be implemented throughout the duration of the incident.


Situation as of 8/22/2008
Personnel: unknown
Size: 389 acres
Percent Containment: 0%

Fire activity has increased on the Marteen Wildland Fire Use and the Newt Wildland Fire Use incidents on the Kaibab National Forest. Over the past week, a dry and warm weather pattern has contributed to increased fire behavior on both fires.

This year, the Kaibab National Forest is one of 30 sites participating in a pilot program testing proposed changes to the Federal Wildland Fire Management Policy. These modifications will allow fire managers a full range of management options on naturally ignited fires on federal lands.



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