29 Oct 2008, 9:13am
by admin

W.I.S.E. Speakers Bureau

“You were fabulous, very professional, yet sincere and funny and right on target.” - Jim Slinsky, Outdoor Talk Radio

Take advantage of one of the most significant resources the Western Institute for Study of the Environment can offer your organization: speeches and presentations by our nationally recognized forest and environmental experts.

W.I.S.E. speakers are experts with decades of professional experience and who are currently actively engaged in the environmental issues they address. Presentations by W.I.S.E speakers provide unique educational experiences, provocative insights, and expert analysis unavailable elsewhere.

We offer wide range of subject matter, including restoration forestry, forest history, wildlife science, environmental policy, forest policy, innovative tree farming, climatology, and more –- policy experts at W.I.S.E. are some of the most experienced, well-versed environmental professionals in the country, and they energetically provide audiences with the benefits of their work.

In addition to the tremendous value of their presentations, other advantages of using W.I.S.E speakers include:

Immediate Access — When scheduling a W.I.S.E speaker for your organization, you work directly with the speaker to craft a presentation that fits your precise needs. We share your dedication to making your program an unqualified success.

Insight into the Issues — We can help you determine the ideal subject area for your group and then provide you with the perfect speaker on that topic.

Affordability — Our first priority is education, hence W.I.S.E speaker fees are very reasonable. We are happy to work with you, and make every effort to accommodate your budget.

Available speakers, speeches, and speaking topics include:

Mike Dubrasich, Executive Director W.I.S.E.

Public forest policy, private innovative tree farming, restoration forestry, forest policy, natural resource economics, rural economic development, environmental measurements and monitoring, forest history reconstruction.

Please email W.I.S.E. [here] for more information about our Speakers Bureau.