Truth Coming to Light Re Grizzly Bear Fatal Attack

The facts are coming to light regarding the June 17 fatal attack by a grizzly bear on Erwin Evert, noted botanist.

For background see [here, here].

On July 16 the US Fish and Wildlife Service released the Investigation Team Report — Fatality of Erwin Evert from a bear attack in Kitty Creek on the Shoshone National Forests on June 17, 2010. [11.5 MB here].

Dave Smith, Bear Attack Examiner of, analyzed the Report:

Report incriminates feds in fatal bear mauling

by Dave Smith,, July 20, 2010 [here]

Ever since a grizzly bear near Yellowstone Park that had just been trapped, tranquilized and released by the Interagency Grizzly Bear Study Team killed Erwin Evert on June 17, agency representatives have told the media Evert had no one to blame but himself. They claimed the trap site was closed and posted with warnings.

On June 19, U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service grizzly bear recovery coordinator Chris Servheen told the Billings Gazette, “We try to do everything we can to minimize the risks. But we can’t protect ourselves against people that ignore every warning we give, and we can’t protect people against themselves.”

On July 16, the U. S. Fish & Wildlife Service issued a 105-page report about Evert’s death that said, “There were no warning or closure signs at the incident location where Mr. Evert approached this site when he was killed.”

The Interagency Grizzly Bear Study Team (IGBST) had been trapping near Evert’s cabin on Kitty Creek in the Shoshone National Forest for about three weeks before his death. The IGBST failed to notify Evert, or 13 other cabin owners in the area, of it’s activities.

The IGBST did not do a news release so the local media could warn people about bear trapping at Kitty Creek.

The cabins along Kitty Creek are located on Forest Road #448. The road ends just beyond the cabins, where Kitty Creek Trail #756 begins. There were no warning signs at the trailhead.

Evert was killed about two miles up the trail. It was perfectly legal for Evert or anyone else to head up the trail.

The IGBST set bear traps at numerous sites in the Kitty Creek drainage over the course of three weeks. The trap sites were posted with signs that said, “closed.” Evert was well aware of bear trapping in the area, but never went beyond the closed signs.

The 430# male grizzly bear that killed Evert was released at trap site #3 at 12:30 p.m. “With the bear showing signs of recovering, the crew removed the snare equipment and closure signs in the area and left.”

It was noted that “the bear had a large open wound behind its left shoulder and numerous scars and fight wounds on its head and neck.” … [more]

The Interagency Grizzly Bear Study Team (IGBST) abandoned a wounded, drugged, male grizzly a mile from the Kitty Creek cabins and a Boy Scout camp, took all their signs down, and departed.

The only sign of a “dangerous bear” that Erwin Evert had seen was at a different site a week earlier. That sign did not mention trapping and drugging, nor did it mention the site where he was killed.

Following the fatal attack, the IGBST deliberately spread misinformation to discredit and disparage the victim, although IGBST employees were well aware that they had taken down all the warning signs before Erwin Evert had even left for his hike. IGBST knowingly lied to the media and falsely claimed that Evert ignored the removed signs. IGBST also told the media they has closed the trail (false), that Evert’s wife was their employee (false), that Evert had knowledge of bear trapping and sites (false), and other lies as part of a clear campaign to blame the victim.

The IGBST is administered by the USGS Biological Research Division. They are died-in-the-wool global warming alarmists [here]. They claim global warming is killing off grizzly bears, when in fact grizzly bear populations are expanding. They are allied with radical environmental groups who are suing the government to drive human beings off the land [here].

The IGBST operates in the shadows, with an extreme political agenda that taints any “science” they do. Hiding their shadowy existence is why they took the signs down. The IGBST had never informed the media that they were trapping grizzly bears in the area. They think they are the CIA of bears, and that the public should be kept in the dark as to their machinations. They also seek to hide their research data.

As a consequence of the IGBST’s clandestine operations, an innocent citizen and taxpayer has been cruelly killed.

It is imperative that the US Attorney investigate, indict, and prosecute IGBST officials for negligent homicide and for the attempted cover-up of their crimes.

See also: Bear researchers gamble with lives of citizens by Dave Smith [here]

Court suits involving bear researchers are inevitable by Dave Smith [here]

26 Jul 2010, 8:53am
by Jim B.

The time has long since passed that these government oppressors (the right word) and their evil (again the right word) enablers can no longer be tolerated. We must all do everything we can to put them out of business, destroy the laws they developed to oppress us, and undo the mayhem they have done to our laws, our communities, our Nation, and our families.

26 Jul 2010, 2:59pm
by Kim K.

What in the name of Sam Hill is going on in this country? Municipalities go to ridiculous lengths to regulate and even ban “pit bulls and pit bull-type dogs” for “public safety reasons” - these are domesticated dogs (i.e., PETS) typically weighing 35 to 60 pounds and lacking opposable thumbs. Municipalities also tell business owners they can’t allow smoking in their buildings/establishments when it’s easy enough to stay out of an business that allows smoking if one is annoyed.

However, the IGBST acts irresponsibly with a wild animal that can weigh over 1,000 pounds and is INDEED dangerous and releases a grizzly bear where it has access to people. The bear killed a person but the IGBST tries to play “blame the victim” and sweep this under the rug? Gee, perhaps things might have turned out differently for Evert had he taken along a “pick-a-nic basket” of goodies for the bear.

I feel as though I’ve bought a lifetime Season Pass to the Theatre of the Absurd. Carbon dioxide and certain domesticated pets have been declared public health and safety threats, but wolves, grizzly bear, and Black Panthers threatening voters at polling sites are perfectly okay somehow!

It’s time for people with sense to take this country back and mobilize to protect ourselves from those whose dangerous Environmental/Ecological/Animal Rights Agenda aims to destroy our Republic.

26 Jul 2010, 6:23pm
by Grizzly Bear Attack Investigation On Erwin Evert Shows Negligence Of Bear Research Team : Black Bear Blog

[...] Western Institute for Study of the Environment has more information and insight on this event. Mike chronicles the work, research and conclusions [...]

1 Aug 2010, 4:19pm
by YPmule

An attack by a female grizz with 3 cubs, killed one man and wounded 2 other people in a busy campground just outside of Yellowstone. The mother was put down and the 3 cubs are quarantined. One of the reports said the cubs participated in the attack. A more recent report stated that the cubs were malnourished. Early reports say all the campers had their food stored properly.

Reply: See Forest, Wildlife, and Climate News

Grizzly captured at site of fatal attack [here]

Bear In Campground Attacks Euthanized [here]



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