16 Apr 2009, 11:37am
by admin

Wolves in Oregon

Wolves have been mass slaughtering lambs in NE Oregon. Since Tuesday 23 lambs have been wolf-killed in Keating Valley near Baker City.

Sheep ranching is a legal business, well-respected, and productive of food and clothing.

However, to radical pro-wolf crazies such as the U.S. Congress (motto: We’re All Barking Idiots) the very thought of another human being enjoying a successful business, garnering respect, and providing necessities is anathema. Therefore, the radical crazies such as the U.S. Congress (motto: We Vant to Kill Amerika) are totally jazzed that their blood-thirsty wolfies are slaughtering lambs in Oregon. After all, it was radical crazies such as the U.S. Congress (motto: Burn Baby Burn) that dumped the wolves there in the first place.

There will be no elimination of the wolves. They are a “protected” species because barking lunatics such as the U.S. Congress (motto: Death to Human Amerika) declared the common wolf, wolf-dog, and wolf-ote to be “at risk” of extinction, a total lie, a Big Lie, and a sick, sick perversion of the actual truth.

The sheep ranchers are just sh*t out of luck because the radical crazies that have usurped self-government in this country have promulgated oppressive laws that give killer foreign hybrid wolves more rights than human U.S. citizens.

From the Baker City Herald:

Photos confirm wolves killed Keating lambs

by ED MERRIMAN, Baker City Herald, April 15, 2009 [here]

A motion-sensing camera photographed a pair of wolves before daylight Monday at the Jacobs ranch in Keating Valley, where 23 lambs have been killed since Thursday.

“This is the first confirmed depredation of livestock by wolves in Oregon” since the predators, which were extirpated from the state about 1946, returned in 1999, said Russ Morgan, wolf coordinator with the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife. …

His goal now is to trap the wolves so he can fit them with radio-transmitting collars, which would allow ODFW to monitor their movements and alert Curt and Annie Jacobs if the wolves return to the ranch. …

Morgan said that if biologists trap any wolves, they will release the animals nearby, rather than taking the wolves to Idaho.

So there you go. No protection whatsoever for the humans, but $millions are being spent by radical crazy government functionaries to coddle the blood-thirsty killer wolves.

The rad bad lunatics are not confined to the US Congress. The Oregon Legislature (motto: One Party Rule Forever) is also more concerned about and solicitous to rabid animal pests than the human citizenry.

Wolves in Northeastern Oregon will be protected under the Endangered Species Act until at least May 4.

That law prohibits people from killing or harming wolves, even ones that are in the act of attacking livestock.

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service announced earlier this month that it intends to remove wolves in the Northern Rocky Mountains, including Northeastern Oregon, Idaho and Montana, from the endangered list as of May 4.

Conservation groups, however, have vowed to file lawsuits to try to block the delisting.

Such lawsuits succeeded in 2008, when a federal judge overturned the Fish and Wildlife Service’s decision to remove federal protection for wolves.

Even if the animals lose federal protection, they will still be protected under Oregon’s endangered species act.

Oregon’s wolf management plan, which the state Fish and Wildlife Commission approved in 2005, would allow livestock owners to shoot wolves that are attacking domestic animals.

However, that provision in the wolf plan won’t take effect unless the Oregon Legislature changes state law. Legislators have considered such changes twice this decade, but have yet to approve the changes.

Is that clear enough for you? It is against Federal and State Law to protect your ranch, business, family, self, etc. from government killer wolves that prey upon you. Should you defend yourself from a four-legged wolf, the two-legged kind will lock you up and steal all your possessions.

Much howling has been heard from the Capitols lately, as the Far Left Radical Crazies who have absconded with our governments celebrate the mass death and slaughter of innocents.

For a lovely video of wolves in action, see [here].

17 Apr 2009, 1:44pm
by Tom R.

Snicker! and Chuckle!

17 Apr 2009, 2:13pm
by Mike

No, it was not well said. I am at a loss for words in cases like this.

It just blows my mind that we have allowed the most extreme lunatics to dictate environmental policy to the rest of us who are not extreme lunatics. The result is senseless slaughter — of lambs, of calves, of colts, of pets, and eventually of the wolves — all because lunatics run the asylum.

Senseless slaughter is something to be avoided, generally speaking. How tragic it is that self-professed “nature lovers” bring about mass killings. Yet that’s the cultural/political/scientific situation we have arrived at.

5 May 2009, 6:36pm
by YPmule

Catch and Release wolves in Oregon? Must be a new sport. I see they caught one of the wolves in Oregon and gave it a good talking to so it won’t go back to killing domestic livestock (right?)
- — - -

Wolf blamed for livestock attacks collared
Canid captured in Baker County
By JEFF BARNARD Associated Press
Tuesday, May 5, 2009 12:57 PM PDT


“GRANTS PASS” A young wolf blamed for the first documented attack on livestock since the predators started moving back into Eastern Oregon has been trapped and released with a radio collar, so that wildlife officials can keep track of it.”

“The Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife trapped the wolf Sunday in the Keating Valley area of Baker County, a few miles from a ranch where a motion-detector camera captured a photo of two wolves with dead lambs at their feet last month. When biologists drove up to the trapped wolf, a second smaller wolf ran off.”

“Department spokeswoman Michelle Dennehy said Monday in these early stages of wolves moving back into Oregon, the department will not be killing those that attack livestock, though that option remains if attacks persist.”

“Besides allowing biologists to warn ranchers when the wolf gets near livestock, the radio collar will trigger special alarms that can be set up around herds to scare off the wolf, she said. Though two other wolves with radio collars have crossed into Oregon from Idaho, this is the first time a wolf has been trapped in Oregon and fitted with the tracking device…..”
- — -

Oh my, they are so proud of these mystic critters. I wonder what the alarms will do to the livestock? I know mine would be busting fence posts!

Good luck Oregon, your fun has just begun.

20 May 2009, 12:27pm
by Tony

Note at the bottom how the government agency poignantly warns of the ramifications of illegally taking a wolf.

Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife and U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service officials remind the public it is illegal to shoot a wolf, even one mistaken for another animal such as a coyote. Any gray wolf in Oregon is currently listed as an endangered species under both state and federal law. Killing an animal protected under the federal Endangered Species Act is punishable by a fine of up to $100,000, one year in jail, or both. Killing a wolf is also a violation of Oregon state game law, with fines and penalties that are assessed by the court.

These do-gooders have released “Terrorists” among us, and have our “hands tied” to do anything about them.



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