19 Apr 2008, 4:51pm
by admin

Wolves Kill Dogs — Brutal Weekend Attack Leaves Families Shaken

Is this what we want for our “ecosystems”?

Posted at Wolf Crossing [here]

Last weekend a woman witnessed a pack of wolves attack and kill two of her dogs just outside of her window, near Ashton, ID. She tried to scare them off and they ignored her (she’s probably lucky they did since she wasn’t using the correct deterrent).

Our ancestors did their best to get rid of the problem and then we re-created the problem that we are going to have to address, AGAIN.

This incident occurred east of Ashton. The wolves traveled down the reclamation road last night and killed 9 dogs. This one survived the night. The photo was posted by Dr. Griffel. DON’T LOOK IF YOU HAVE A WEAK STOMACH. Idaho Dog Attack — CAUTION GRAPHIC.


2 Dogs Dead after Wolves Attack Near Ashton [here]

By Nate Eaton, YouNewsTV, KIDK TV — Idaho Falls, Pocatello, Blackfoot, ID. Apr 9, 2008

Two family’s dogs are dead after a pack of wolves attacked the animals.

The wolves attacked the dogs Wednesday morning at two different homes in the same area just east of Ashton.

Cathy Stegelmeier, Wolves Attacked Dog: “The dogs started to bark quite a bit and I thought that they had a skunk. I went out there and there were three wolves dragging my dog.”

It was a frightening morning for Cathy Stegelmeier who was busy cooking for guests staying at her bed and breakfast. Cathy went outside and right in front of her house was shocked to find three wolves dragging her dog Blue.

Cathy Stegelmeier: “At first glance I thought they might be coyotes.”

Cathy quickly realized the animals were much larger. She started to yell but the wolves didn’t seem scared.

Cathy Stegelmeier: “They looked at me for a little while and then they finally went to the other side of the road.”

Britney Stegelmeier: “I woke up because the dogs were barking.”

Cathy’s sister-in-law Britney Stegelmeier lives at the Bed and Breakfast. She’s nine months pregnant and is worried that the wolves are coming so close to her home.

Britney Stegelmeier: “This is where I’m gonna have my kid and if they’re not scared to come to my front door, they’re not gonna be scared to drag me off.”

Cathy immediately took Blue to the vet but his throat was ripped so bad he had to be put down.

With two attacks and now two dogs dead, Cathy, Britney, and their neighbors are worried the wolves will return and attack another animal or even a person.

Cathy Stegelmeier: “They were not afraid. That’s why it was frightening.”

Right now the Idaho Department of Fish and Game is investigating.

Cathy’s family says they reported the attack because when the wolves were introduced to Yellowstone National Park, wolf advocates said there were no documented wolf attacks. The Stegelmeier’s want this attack documented.

20 May 2008, 10:57am
by D. Tay

‘is this what we want for our ecosystem?’

Hell no! Kill all the predators!

20 May 2008, 11:42am
by Mike

Interestingly, last week the final Recovery Plan for the Northern Spotted Owl was released by the USFWS. It calls for blasting barred owls with shotguns from pickup trucks, something the USFWS biologists cunningly refer to as “a redneck sport.”

Where are all the weepy nature lovers on that? Cuddly little owls are going to be blasted to smithereens for some rather questionable (scientifically) reasons, and the bunny huggers like D. Tay are as mute as clams.

“Oh, oh, can’t we all live together? The owls were here first. They have more rights than humans. It’s all because of those macho testosterone Rambos who kill owls for sport thrills.”

Nope. None of that. Instead its, “Here, birdie, birdie, birdie,” and then ka-blamo! And since barred owls and spotted owls are virtually identical, and interbreed, there’s no telling what exactly it was that got blasted.

Save a wolf, blast an owl, and that’s coming out of the same mouths of the same pathetic people. Raving lunatic hypocrisy.



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