24 Feb 2008, 11:20pm
by admin

Julie Smithson Reviews Undue Burden

No Popcorn Needed

by Julie Kay Smithson [here]

Undue Burden: The Real Cost of Living With Wolves is one documentary that will likely never garner a Cannes Film Festival award, but that is not its intent.

Its makers seek to save lives, restore peace of mind and reintroduce sanity to places like Reserve, New Mexico, the Upper Peninsula (”U.P.”) of Michigan and the vast sterilized landscape of Yellowstone National Park, and its surrounding rangelands, ranches and towns.

The argument that people are “encroaching” on wolf habitat doesn’t fly. Wolves are being captive bred, habituated to people and then loosed upon areas where it’s arguable their ancestors ever lived in the first place.

The evidence of what is happening in parts of rural America targeted for wolf “reintroduction” and “recovery” is etched in the pinched, drawn and stressed faces of those good folks who consented to be interviewed by filmmaker Bruce Hemming. Hemming simply could not stand idly by while rural children faced the fangs and inexorable, relentless threat from wolves — wolves that the juggernaut of federal agents and their partners are literally delivering almost to people’s doorsteps. Documenting such events has been a grueling and exhausting process, but one that must get and keep your attention.

Your children or those of your friends could be the next ones facing this “future.”

Schoolchildren are being watched and followed to their bus stops. They are being watched while they play on rural playgrounds. Shelters are being built for them to be safe from wolves. They and their parents and teachers are suffering post-traumatic stress disorder as they watch their livestock, horses and pets, plus ungulate wildlife, disemboweled and left to suffer horrible death from wolves sport killing. Is this what you think rural living should be?

Order your copy today: You can’t afford to miss this chance to save lives by learning the truth about the wolf “reintroduction” and “recovery” agenda.

Order copies for all your rural friends and family members, because this nightmare will soon be at their doors, if it isn’t already.

Order copies for your local feed store, farm supply, libraries, county commissioners, emergency medical technicians, and veterinarians.

Invite a group to your home to view this one-hour riveting time of truth. Tell them it isn’t pretty, but it is true. Prepare to be riveted to your seat, unable to deny the truth you watch. They, like you, need to know the truth about wolves and those siccing them and other large predators upon rural America.

This is the best twenty-five dollars (postage paid) you will spend this year. Don’t delay; order several copies today! CLICK HERE

Caution: Contains graphic photos that may not be suitable for young children.



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