5 Dec 2007, 5:07am
by admin

Three Wolf Stories

by Mike D.

First wolf story: A wolf has been stalking school children in Blue, New Mexico. Wolves Gone Wild reports [here]:

Wolf stalks kids at school playground-School on lockdown due to wolf stalking children

Friday, November 30, 2007 Glenwood Elementary School in Glenwood, NM had a wolf stalking children at their playground. The uncollared wolf appeared about 17 yards from the playground. The school was quickly locked down.

The county wolf investigator was called out to cast tracks and look for other wolf evidence.

In 2005 a school in Blue, Arizona was also stalked by the Aspen [Pack] wolves who were later relocated to New Mexico and have been involved in various [livestock] attacks and kills including slaughtering a little girl’s horse.

Note that this is an uncollared wolf, meaning no one is tracking it and the US Fish and Wildlife’s Mexican Gray Wolf Program is blissfully (criminally) unaware of the wolf’s existence. Note also that the wolf appears fully habituated to (unafraid of) humans.

This story was also reported at Wolf Crossing [here]. Here is a sampling of some of the response comments posted:

The wolf - apparently VERY habituated - was around/in Glenwood for several days before the sighting in town. It was spotted south of town, and then I heard it howling a couple of nights later. Then, 2 or 3 days later, it showed up right in town, behind the Trading Post, and headed for the school…

The school is now a cage just like the environmentalists want. Us in cages and their pets running wild…

I live in Lake Roberts. 3 adult wolves were in my yard at 8 am on the 28th. They were less than 100ft from my office window and due to terrain (slope upwards) were 2 actually watching me through my window as I worked. One was sitting down staring at me. The other was sniffing around. If a human or even a dog was to do the things that these wolves are doing, it would be considered illegal. The human would be locked up or charged with stalking and the dog would be shot…

That wolf should be hunted down and killed by the authorities immediately. It would be an unconscionable injustice to wait until someone is attacked. The threat is a crime. Threatening children is illegal, whether the threatened actions are carried out or not. Implanting fear in children (and teachers and parents) in this predator-in-the-yard manner is not tolerable in civilized society…

Second wolf story: The Westerner [here] reports that Reserve Independent School District in Catron Co. (which includes Glenwood Elementary) will be installing “wolf-proof shelters” for school bus stops. On numerous occasions Mexican Gray wolves (actually wolf-dog hybrids) have stalked children waiting for the school bus (and when the children return home).

The decision to create coop-like bus stops in this mostly rural school district stems from “numerous reports of wolf sightings and wolf activity in close proximity to our children,” Superintendent Loren Cushman said in an Oct. 30 memo on the project. Enclosed wooden shelters will have wire-mesh covered windows on the front and sides. The goal is to install the first of about 20 shelters by late December, Cushman said. “Whether a person is pro or con wolf, we think it’s a deterrent to build these shelters,” Cushman told the Journal. “We need to do everything we can to protect our children.”

Cushman’s memo cited two children from the Reserve area who on the last day of school in May reported they were followed by a wolf during their half-mile walk home from a school bus stop. “The situation could have become tragic very quickly,” he wrote.

Cushman has a 6-year-old daughter and said he worries about her when she is outside their Reserve-area home. The May report, along with other wolf sightings and attacks on livestock and pets, led the district to “take further steps in protecting our children,” Cushman said.

Brenda McCarty, mother of the 13-year-old boy and 11-year-old girl who reported being followed by a wolf, said her children no longer walk to or from the bus stop and are afraid to go anywhere outside the house by themselves. McCarty said she has seen wolves in the area three miles north of Reserve, and her family regularly hears a wolf howling near their home. She said her children are not as spooked as they were immediately after the May wolf sighting, but “They are very cautious. They don’t go anywhere by themselves. Once it’s dusk, nobody goes outside anymore.”

Third wolf story: KOB-TV Channel 4 in Albuquerque, NM, reports [here] that the Otero County Commission has passed an ordinance making it illegal to release wolves within the county.

Otero County is the second New Mexico county after Catron County to pass an ordinance designed to protect its citizens, pets and livestock from the endangered Mexican gray wolves.

Commission Chairman Doug Moore says even if the president released a wolf in Otero County, he would advocate arresting him.

The comments came at a U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service meeting Monday about proposed changes to its wolf reintroduction program.

John Slown a Mexican wolf planner with Fish and Wildlife, says if a wolf is released on federal land, the federal government has the final say on the release.

The federal government is inflicting grievous harm on the citizens of New Mexico (and many other western states) with criminally insane disregard for public safety. Lives are being endangered, children are being threatened, livestock and pets are being killed, and the pusillanimous functionaries of the federal government appear to care not one least bit. Their loyalty goes to deadly half-breed predators, and the human residents be damned.

The situation is untenable. Violence breeds violence. This is not going to end well. When a government wages war upon law-abiding citizens in their homes, schoolyards, and playgrounds, and only tragedy can result.



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