100,000 Birds Die in Old-Growth Firebombing

The headlines in the Ogreonian today screamed (in large font type) “10,000 Birds Die”. The article [here] goes on to say that maybe 10,000 birds died in the Lower Klamath refuge this winter, maybe from avian cholera, and that maybe low water flows had something to do with it, and that thousands of birds die there every year anyhow.

So the screaming headline turned out to be another stinky cheese piece of yellow journalism, sensationalized nothing.

What the Ogreonian never reported, to this very day, is that last summer the US Forest Service firebombed 10,000 acres at Santiam Pass, and incinerated 100,000 birds (assuming there were 10 birds per acre when the firebombs hit).

It wasn’t avian cholera; it was a firestorm induced by Federal government functionaries in attack helicopters.

That’s a disaster the Ogreonian doesn’t want you to know about. Federal firebombing of green, old-growth spotted owl nesting stands does not comport with their movie, the illusional delusional worldview they are attempting to inculcate into their readers.

The truth conflicts with the propaganda, so let’s just pretend it never happened.

The dead-tree-press is guilty of killing a lot more than birds.



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