2 Feb 2011, 12:30am
Politics and politicians Useless and Stupid
by admin

Irony Update

This item is almost too ludicrous to post. The most tampering Sec DOI ever, the plutocrat who brought us Magic Wilderness, Spotted Foul, Gulf Spoil, Monument-al Surprise, the GloWarm Hoax, Wolf Dodging and countless other bastardizations of pseudoscience, has declared a “scientific integrity” policy. It’s a wonder he didn’t choke on his own doubletalking forked tongue.

Salazar Announces New Scientific Integrity Policy and Designation of Departmental Science Integrity Officer

DOI Press Release, February 1, 2011 [here]

Washington, D.C. – Secretary of the Interior Ken Salazar today announced the establishment of a new policy to ensure and maintain the integrity of scientific and scholarly activities used in Departmental decision making. The policy follows on the Memorandum to the Heads of Departments and Agencies on Scientific Integrity issued in December [here] and includes the designation of a Departmental Science Integrity Officer.

“Because robust, high quality science and scholarship play such an important role in advancing the Department’s mission, it is vital that we have a strong and clear scientific integrity policy,” said Secretary Salazar. “This policy sets forth clear expectations for all employees — political and career — to uphold the principles of scientific integrity, and establishes a process for impartial review of alleged breaches of those principles.” … [more]

2 Feb 2011, 10:23pm
by bear bait

Does it take a PhD to be the morals minder in a whorehouse? I have followed master’s papers that have become Federal policy before any scientific review, let alone peer review, was ever undertaken. And Interior was but one agency hopping on the bandwagon. This added layer of bureaucratese solves no problems and only created more language on which to base lawsuits. Somewhere in English literature someone said “Thou dost protest too much.” If you need a morals minder for your science, the result is but to grow our doubt even more. This whole deal is like watching Mubarak play his chess pieces and use his raw secret police powers, all to defeat the populace and maintain his King’s Empire. Imperial Federal Land Management agency shenanigans are legend, well documented, and never ending. No integrity tzar is going to change that. In practice, the tzar will only strengthen the perceived validity of the stream of lies we are fed daily. Science as practiced by Machiavellian Federal puppets is still propaganda, no matter which party is spewing it. I doubt, therefore I am. And I doubt like hell that a new “integrity tzar” will be anything other than more boiler plate protecting piss poor science. My opinion.

3 Feb 2011, 11:09am
by Larry H.

The goal, as we all know, is to make questionable selected science into boilerplate, unassailable fact, with a mere wave of their magic wands. More “magic” from the left. I blame the Harry Potter movies!!

Remember what those “wands” are made of, folks! Sure, we could make those out of plastic, though, and import them from China!



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