Plutocrats On Parade

We reported [here] that industrial wood products giant Georgia-Pacific has climbed into bed with radical extremist enviro groups. The “news” was acclaimed with crapastic rhetoric by the MSM [here].

Questions have arisen regarding this pusillanimous propaganda:

1. What advantage is it to GP to blacklist 600,000 acres of private timberland that does not belong to them?

2. Who funds the Dogwood Alliance? (and the Natural Resources Defense Council and Rainforest Action Network?)

And two related history questions:

3. What global giant timber company engineered the Northwest Forest Plan that halted timber harvest on 25,000,000 acres of the most productive forests in the world?

4. Why?

Here are the answers:

1. GP has blackballed 600,000 acres of private land in the hopes of bankrupting the owners of that land. GP wishes to constrain the market supply of wood fiber. They wish to halt the commercial production of wood fiber on all acres that they do not own.

2. GP funds the Dogwood Alliance and the others. They are proxies for GP. They do GP’s dirty work.

3. Weyerhaeuser dreamed up and engineered the Northwest Forest Plan. The roots go back to Arkansas when Bill Clinton was governor and a Weyerhaeuser puppet. Big W is the largest landowner in AK, in case you didn’t know. With Slick Willy as Pres, Big W seized the opportunity to shut down 25 million acres (much more than that eventually) of Fed land (esp. high site Douglas-fir land).

4. It is to the advantage of industrial forest owners like Big W, GP (the Koch Bros), et al. to constrain the wood fiber supply by bankrupting and shutting down competitors, the easiest targets being public land and small private holdings. The Big Boys use phony environmentalism to promote their Big Business agenda

There is a glut of wood fiber in the world today. Despite all the shrill and bug-eyed hysteria about “deforestation”, there are more trees on this planet and more acres with trees today than at any time during the entire Holocene.

This phenomenon (big bullying with propaganda theater) is so common and reenacted so often that I wonder why so few seem to be aware of it. Be that as it may, foresters, farmers, miners, and other natural resource producers and regions are patsies in this game. We are not doing the Big Boys any favors by maximizing wood fiber production. That’s exactly what the Big Boys don’t want. They will crush us if they can. The more land they can take out of tree production, the better. The poorer and hungrier the workforce, the better. The Big Boys want you to be landless and starving.

There are no such things as “endangered hardwood forests”. By their own admission, the Dogwood Alliance claims 90 million acres of Southern hardwoods exist. All the fear mongering is a fraud. The kept “scientists” who claim there is something special or fragile about these allegedly “endangered” forests are lying whores.

The entire Big Lie is designed to do you maximum harm. If you defy the Big Boys and their proxy enviro running dogs, they will burn you out with deliberate acts of arson. In fact, that is their intent whether you play along or not. They want your wood fiber destroyed before it ever can reach market. Hence our modern era of megafires.

Oregon’s economy is wrecked. Has been for 20 years. The cabal of Big Government, Big Business, and Big Media has used Big Lies to beat Oregon’s economy to death. We have led the Nation in unemployment, business bankruptcy, home foreclosure, alcoholism, drug abuse, broken families, ignorance, and hunger for two decades. Oregon’s motto is “We Are Pigeons and Patsies Here”. We work for peanuts for corrupt plutocrats who steal our wealth and take it elsewhere. That’s the tradition and the modern reality.

Don’t blame solely the enviro-wacko Gadarene swine. They are funded by big industrialists who wish to keep the masses poor so they can pay them starvation wages. Big government is in cahoots with the industrialists, too, with the goal of inflicting economic pain to the point of starvation. The universities are serfs of both and have so corrupted “science” that it is unrecognizable today as science. Big media purveys sensationalism for the purpose of distracting the citizenry from the truth in front of their eyes.

I invite your critique of the foregoing. Try to explain why I am wrong. Good luck, because I am right and you know I’m right. But let’s discuss it, anyway. I think we should fight back against the wholesale destruction of forests, even if our foes are giant industrialists, big government, the Main Stream Media, and other powerful plutocrats and thieves.

9 Jan 2011, 10:27am
by Mike

Please allow me to reiterate a key point:

The “science” presented by the Dogwood Alliance, Rainforest Action Network, et al. is pure crap.

It isn’t science at all. It’s a pack of lies. The myth of pristine Nature in the wild as a fragile web of nearly extinct parts is false, false, false.

Once again I recommend that readers visit the W.I.S.E. Colloquium: History of Western Landscapes [here] and study the papers there.

You will learn that human beings have been living in and modifying Amazon rainforests and the entire SE USA for millennia. Whatever is there today is a result of human stewardship, not Gaia in absentia.

Everything the enviros say about forests is wrong. They engage in puerile myth-making with a diabolical purpose: to do grievous harm to poor people and to fill the Swiss bank accounts of super rich industrialists.

The enviros are willing shills for powerful moneyed interests. Some of the more naïve among them are fanatics who believe their own tripe, but the leaders don’t. They know they are lying scam artists. They know where their funds come from. They are well-aware of whom they serve.

11 Jan 2011, 2:57pm
by bear bait

When all the money is held by the Chinese, the pendulum will swing to forest cutting. They will call the shots. As I write, they are the lumber market for western softwood lumber. And since they entered the log export market, a half billion board feet of logs has been exported to China from Oregon in the last year.

Lest someone go all Tucson on me, they ought to understand that timberland has only the potential to yield a tangible return, if and when trees are felled and logs are hauled to a mill or a dock. At that time the potential of the land to sequester carbon and grow timber has been realized, and that land is ready to begin again to sequester more carbon, use more rain water, sunlight, and CO2 to create wood fiber. In less than a lifetime that potential can be realized. If you are not over 60, you may have yet to realize how fast the years can track, and how little time after all it takes for bare ground to have 160 foot tall, 24″ dbh doug fir trees on it. Land I logged on in my youth has been logged again, and the new forest is fifty feet tall.

We are downsizing and mothballing our space exploration, and that is a fearful event to abstract science and research science. Their gamut is to invent global climate change, natural resource scarcity fears, in order to gain treasure to spend on their particular curiosity or field. The politics of science are about picking the public pocket for funding, and if the public pocket has a hole in it or is wanting, nothing better than to increase the scare tactics and take it to another level. And Daddy Warbucks is right there to get his share. Paulson as CEO of Goldman Sachs, our US Treasury, and The Nature Conservancy. Do you see any connection? Any co-mingled livestock?? This is Tom Cruise and “Show me the money” for real. The likes of GP, Whorehouser, I-Pee and so should you, Plum Creek, and all the rest are gaming the public and the public trust, and getting away with it.

No matter. All I am saying is that pain and suffering are the lot of the common man, and those oligarchs, those plutocrats, those boys with the gold making the rules, are for real. And they bought the USFS, bought it and paid for it, with your money. Take a few minutes and connect the dots. Do a bit of linear thinking. Action and consequence. Do some head scratching to find the back scratchers. The objective to make pain and suffering, and they got the job done.

Reply: The bloodstained Communist bosses who run Red China are shutting down their own forests while logging ours [here]. In the name of CO2 sequestration. The gaming of the citizenry goes on worldwide. It is really about manipulating the market supply in order to extract the most rent from the masses.



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