21 Jan 2008, 6:33pm
Public/Private Land Issues
by admin

The Egley Fire

by various authors, including

bear bait
and others

Published by the Western Institute for Study of the Environment, Jan, 21, 2008

Full text [here]


This whole Egley deal stinks. The biggest part of the fire is a reburn on ground roasted in 1990. I wonder if there is an agenda there.

My anger is beyond words. My estimation of the Feds fire suppression abilities is the lowest. The frigging feds are worthless.

My friend just sent pictures of his cabin and bunk house, both burned to the ground. He lost it all. He did all the right things: built a pond with a half million gallons of water storage fed by a robust spring system right next to the cabin and had thinned and limbed his timber and burned the piles. And now it all is gone to ashes.

I am sitting here with tears in my eyes. That’s my friend standing on the pavement, fire racing for his little ranch and cabin, his piece of Paradise, where he has been an outstanding steward.


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