30 May 2011, 9:37am
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USDA setting traps after wolves kill horse in Darby

by Irina Cates (KPAX News) May 28, 2011 [here]

DARBY- A Darby rancher is mourning the loss of his horse Jack, after wolves chased him down and killed him.

“It’s hard to believe that two days ago I was giving Jack treats and now he looks like that. Because somebody thought we had to have wolves around here,” says Paul Shirley who owns the Two Feathers Ranch.

Shirley tears up when he talks about his horse Jack. He says he’s heart broken over losing his pet.

“They ran Jack right through the fence and killed him over on the other side,” Shirley said. “The day he was killed was his 13th birthday.” … [more]

Wolves Kill Horse South of Darby

by Bob Sherman, Explore the Bitterroot, May 28, 2011 [here]

Wolves from the Trapper Peak Pack killed a horse on the Two Feathers Ranch south of Darby, Montana sometime between Thursday night and Friday morning. This is the third incident involving wolves in the Bitterroot Valley in the past week. Earlier in the week, wolves killed a calf on the CB Ranch and a lone wolf attacked a family dog west of Hamilton. The wolf that attacked the dog was shot and killed by the dog’s owner. …

The loss of Jack was totally unnecessary. Wolves in this area are over-populated yet Montana has had it’s hands tied due to greedy attorneys and wolf advocacy groups that have a huge financial interest in keeping this issue from becoming resolved. …

So, the story of Jack, the buckskin horse, friend and beloved family member of Paul Shirley and family is that he lost his life because it was more important for wolf activist attorneys and organizations to raid our already bankrupt Federal Government then it was to honor the agreements they made prior to the 1995 reintroduction. … [more]



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