29 May 2010, 11:23am
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Another Wallowa County calf killed by wolves

Capital Press, May 28, 2010 [here]

Joseph area rancher Karl Patton has lost a calf to wolves, federal and state wildlife authorities confirmed today, May 28.

Patton discovered the dead calf late Thursday and a wolf attack was confirmed by federal wolf hunter Marlyn Riggs the same day and Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife officials today.

That brings to three the number of wolf predations confirmed in Wallowa County within three weeks by ODFW, which ranchers thought met the state’s definition of “chronic” depredation. A finding that the kills are chronic would permit the ranchers to shoot wolves found harassing cattle as well as actually attacking.

But rancher Rod Childers, wolf committee chairman for the Oregon Cattlemen’s Association, said ODFW also requires that the kills be on adjacent lands. He said the ranchers are appealing to ODFW officials in Salem for a variance.

Earlier this week, ODFW issued permits to five ranch owners and employees to shoot wolves but only if they are caught in the act of attacking.

Two other calf kills had been confirmed by Riggs and ranchers say they suspect more calves missing earlier are due to wolf activity. Patton earlier had spotted wolves in his pasture.

“We know these wolves will keep killing,” Childers said.

“While everyone is enjoying a three-day holiday, the ranchers of Wallowa County will be out looking for dead calves.”



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