27 Apr 2010, 10:39pm
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AGW Eco-Theology Absurdity

by Ronald D. Voisin, Climate Realists, April 27th 2010 [here]

Did you ever wonder where those clockwork CO2 spikes come from? After all, they accompany every interglacial.

Note: see Soils, CO2, and Global Warming [here]

A helpful hint: 99.5% comes from natural sources.

In the above referenced web-article, these scientists have bumped their estimated current microbial contribution to atmospheric CO2 from 85 to 98 petagrams. Our anthropogenic contribution is less than a tenth of that at ~6 to 7 petagrams. The total of all natural emissions is estimated at some 2,000 to 2,200 petagrams. Now in this article they seem to suggest that our 6 to 7 petagram (<0.5%) contribution has unfortunately and deleteriously triggered this microbial increase of 13 petagrams (from 85 to 98). In fact, most all studies regarding soil respiration engage the very same broken blame-game.

However, if we humans were never here at all, the consequently expanded microbial contribution can be roughly estimated to become 127 petagrams. Microbes would have geometrically filled our void for an increase of ~42 petagrams. And expanded proliferations of insects and mammalia would have contributed to a yet much larger delta. So what would these Theologians suggest this far greater contribution would have “unfortunately and deleteriously triggered?”

Well, regarding any prior interglacial, they would have to say this greater level would have triggered yet more proliferation of life. What an irony it is that our under-contribution of Vitamin C(O2) to this interglacial is what has negatively impacted the current levels of bio-diversity. However, for this interglacial, their theological position is that we sinners are here, and even though our presence has likely lowered the total level of atmospheric Vitamin C(O2), the Earth-Carbon-Cycle now contains a poisonous 0.5% contribution from us that must be stopped! … [more]



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