2 Apr 2009, 12:30am
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Canada pays U.S. $46.7 million

Forest Talk, Apr 1, 2009 [here]

To comply with the London court’s softwood lumber ruling, Canada will pay the U.S. $46.7 million.

Minister of International Trade Stockwell Day said Ottawa is making the money “available” to Washington to fulfill the country’s obligations after the London Court of International Arbitration ruled in February that Canada had to impose a 10 per cent duty on its softwood lumber exports.

“Maintaining the Softwood Lumber Agreement is a priority for the Canadian government and industry,” said Day. “We recognize our commitments under this agreement, and we have honoured them.”

“[The Ontario Forest Industry Association and Québec Forest Industry Council] stand behind the Canadian government and believe that Minister Day is acting in accordance with the rules of the International Tribunal by paying a lump sum and … [waiting] for clarification prior to undertaking further steps,” said Jamie Lim, president of the OFIA and Guy Chevrette, the QFIC’s president and chief executive officer, in a joint press release.

The U.S. is not happy with the amount Canada has decided to pay.

Steve Swanson, Chairman of the U.S. Coalition for Fair Lumber Imports, stated that he is “shocked and appalled by Canada’s provocative and contemptuous decision to ignore the tribunal’s clear direction.” “Unfortunately this latest flouting of its obligations under the softwood lumber agreement is consistent with Canada’s approach to this trade agreement,” said Mr. Swanson.

See also: Coalition For Fair Lumber Imports [here]



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