31 Mar 2009, 11:54pm
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Obama Signs Major Land Conservation (Incineration?) Law

By Juliet Eilperin, Washington Post, March 31, 2009 [here]

President Obama signed a massive lands package into law today, protecting more than two million acres as wilderness and creating a new national system to conserve land held by the Bureau of Land Management.

The measure, a collection of 170 different bills that represents the most significant wilderness law in at least 15 years, would provide the highest level of federal protection to areas such as Oregon’s Mount Hood and part of Virginia’s Jefferson National Forest, along with other sites in California, Colorado, Idaho, Michigan, New Mexico, Utah and West Virginia. It also authorizes the first coordinated federal research program to investigate ocean acidification and additional funding to protect ecologically-valuable coastal areas and estuaries.

At the signing ceremony Obama said, “This legislation guarantees that we will not take our forests, rivers, oceans, national parks, monuments, and wilderness areas for granted, but rather we will set them aside and guard their sanctity for everyone to share. That’s something all Americans can support.” … [more]

Note: set aside for sanctity? More like earmark for catastrophic incineration.

1 Apr 2009, 12:02am
by Mike

Wilderness is a myth, based on imperialist Eurocentric racism. The lands in question have been occupied by human beings for over 10,000 years.

Now those lands are dedicated to incineration. Existing roads will be “decommissioned so there will be no “vehicular access” in case of fire. More tellingly, it is Federal policy to Let It Burn in designated wilderness areas. The Let It Burn zones have already been mapped out. Most older wilderness areas have already burned in catastrophic wildfires. So have a goodly portion of neighboring lands, public and private, as a result of runaway wilderness holocausts.



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