19 Mar 2008, 6:45pm
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More on the Mystery of Global Warming’s Missing Heat

From ICECAP [here]: If anyone would bother to look at the actual data instead of just pronouncements in the media from NOAA or GISS, they would not be surprised at all by these findings. Here is a plot of actual monthly temperatures and the trends from the Hadley global data set (HADCRUT3v) and University of Alabama satellite derived lower tropospheric temperatures covering the same period as the robots measured ocean heat content. Like the robots they show a downtrend (cooling).

It is also worth noting that Roger Pielke Sr. [here] has advocated ocean heat content as a better measure of the global changes in temperatures than surface station based trends. Work by Roger and Anthony Watts at surfacestations.org have identified major issues with the land stations. In this case the ocean heat content agrees with the land stations, so the cooling over the past 5 years is very likely real. 5 years does not a long term trend make but it does call into question claims the warming is accelerating and that immediate action is required.

20 Mar 2008, 10:56am
by Dr. Brenner

Joe D. of ICECAP is right, 5 years does not a long term trend make. In fact, his observation looks like it was taken right off the front page of today’s Portland Dead-Tree press.

Seems the Church of GW denies any cooling trend despite the evidence displayed above and other facts such as globally it has been the coldest winter since 2001, and that sea ice even made a comeback this winter. Now the true believers claim that well-known climate cycles such as La Nina can easily overwhelm whatever trends might be gripping the globe. Clifford Mass, professor of atmospheric sciences at the University of Washington (and a priest of the Church of GW), says it’s a matter of short-term versus long-term perspective.

I agree it IS a matter of short-term versus long-term perspective. When the Milankovitch Deniers limit their perspective to the past 100 years or so, it does appear that global warming may be occurring. But that’s a pretty short perspective.

It is a well know fact that the most distinctive climate interval of the recent past was the Little Ice Age, which lasted from about 1350 to 1870 A.D. Global temperatures were about 1.5 degrees cooler than today. Global Warming, right?

NO! Because it is also a well known fact that global temperatures have been dropping since the Hypsithermal about 8,000 years ago. Let’s talk perspective and REAL science. According to the astronomical theory, (well explained and illustrated in “Ice Ages - Solving the Mystery” written by John and Katherine Imbrie, and reviewed by W.I.S.E here:


we are already in a long-term cooling trend leading to full glacial conditions about 23,000 years from now. Now that is perspective!

When GW fanatics invent straw man statistics like “December through February temperatures in every winter since 1994, until last winter, have been higher than average for the past century…” they are not practicing what they preach. Short-term perspectives can lead to false inferences.

The Al Gore crowd is going to destroy the global economy with their restrictive policies. They are trying to take away our freedoms and make slaves of us all.

At the same time that they force us into biofuel-powered vehicles that cause food prices to rise, they are advocating the destruction of our heritage forests with catastrophic fire that emits 10 times the greenhouse gas than all the cars put together. This is all just plain craziness.

I say warmer is better. Let us enjoy the warm days while we can get them. Colder climate is on the way and there’s no stopping it. I ask you, what do you prefer, a warm sunny day and working in the garden, or a cold, icy day stuck inside watching the rain come down? If you really like it cold, move to Alaska. It would be a lot better than me having to buy expensive tickets to fly to Hawaii just to get warm!



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