26 Jul 2009, 9:51am
by admin

Johnson Lake Complex Fires

Location: 6 miles NE of Nespelem, Okanogan Co., WA
Specific Location: Okanogan NF, Johnson Lake vicinity, Lat 48° 11´ 39″, Lon 118° 57´ 57″

Date of Origin: 07/23/2009
Cause: Lightning

Situation as of 07/29/2009 4:15 pm
Personnel: 237
Size: 955 acres
Percent Contained: 100%

Costs to Date: $1,900,000

Resources from the complex assisted the Colville Agency on initial attack on six small fires yesterday.


Situation as of 07/28/2009 4:15 pm
Personnel: 328
Size: 955 acres
Percent Contained: 90%

Costs to Date: $1,600,000

Transfer of command to a type 3 team will occur at 0600 on July 30, 2009. Shadowing will occur tomorrow in order to prepare for the transition. All divisions –- grid and mop-up heat found by IR, back haul equipment and rehab. Resources from the complex will also assist the Colville Agency on initial attack as needed.


Situation as of 07/27/2009 4:00 pm
Personnel: 497
Size: 955 acres
Percent Contained: 80%

Costs to Date: $1,300,000

The complex consists of the Johnson Lake Fire, the Fish Hatchery Fire, the Owhi Tree Fire and Fire 183. There have been no evacuations. Demob of excess crews and engines will begin 7/28/2009.


Situation as of 07/27/2009 2:00 pm
Personnel: 487
Size: 955 acres
Percent Contained: 70%

No evacuations enacted. All three fires have been traversed with GPS providing more accurate location information resulting in reduction of acres.


Situation as of 07/25/2009 2:00 pm
Personnel: 183
Size: 1,018 acres
Percent Contained: 0%

The complex consists of three fires (Johnson Lake, Fish Hatchery and an unnamed fire) and Initial Attack responsibility on four additional townships. 26+ fires were started by lightning strikes during a dry lightning storm on July 23. Air tankers, SEATS, and helicopters were used to slow the fire spread. The fire includes parcels under DNR protection.



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