26 Mar 2009, 12:37am
by admin

Geronimo Fire

Location: Sunizona, 34 miles SE of Willcox, Cochise Co. AZ
Specific Location: Lat: 31° 52′ 35″ Lon: 109° 39′ 05″

Date of Origin: 03/25/2009
Cause: human, under investigation

Situation as of 03/27/2009 3:30 pm
Personnel: 74
Size: 2,460 acres:
Percent Contained: 100%

Eight outbuildings, two travel trailers and two vehicles have burned.


Situation as of 03/25/2009 10:00 pm
Personnel: ~50
Size: 2,000 acres:
Percent Contained: unknown

The Cochise County authorities have confirmed ten structures have burned, ~70 residences threatened.

Air tankers retardant drops today on fire burning in dry grass.

Red Flag Warning for strong winds, gusts to 50 mph, in effect for Thursday.

28 Mar 2009, 3:54pm
by NightFox

This fire was started by Pastor Dan of Sunizona Assembly of God. He was burning trash on a very windy day and started the fire. He is trying to hide the fact because he does not want to claim responsibility.

Please look into this. The public deserves the truth.

28 Mar 2009, 4:25pm
by Mike

There is almost no information out there on this fire. Yesterday a report said the Geronimo Fire was 100% contained. Today it was reported on the Wildland Fire Hot List (see sidebar) as 75% contained with full containment expected today.

The SW Coordination Center has no report, in fact no report posted since 3/19. Inciweb has no report. The AZ State Forestry Division has not posted a wildfire report since last October.

If it was a small fire that caused no damage, that might be expected, but the Geronimo Fire is large (2,460 acres), has burned 10 structures, and is expensive (airtanker sorties were required).

W.I.S.E. Fire Tracking is not a government agency and is not funded by the government. We are once again doing the government’s job for them.

If anyone has further information on this or any AZ fire, please let us know so that we may all be informed.

21 Aug 2009, 12:58pm
by AL

This fire was the result of an illegal burn. No permit, no notification to the local fire district prior to ignition, and the people responsible were cited by ADEQ.

Cochise County has failed to review all evidence and as of 21 AUG 09 will not charge the Gill’s. I lost $12,000.00 worth of property and have not received even a “sorry” from “Reverend” Gill.



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