28 Jul 2008, 9:16am
by admin

262 Fire

Location: 10 miles NW of Othello, Adams Co., WA

Specific Location: Columbia National Wildlife Refuge, Lat 46° 58´ 17″ Lon 119° 15´ 59″

Date of Origin: 07/27/2008
Cause: Under investigation

Situation as of 07/29/08 4:30 PM
Total Personnel: 84
Size: 6,054 acres
Percent Contained: 100%

Demob and turn over command to Local Type 4 Organization


Situation as of 07/28/08 noon PM
Total Personnel: 133
Size: 6,000 acres
Percent Contained: 75%

Road closures on Highway 262, H Road and Morgan Lake Road until 2000 yesterday evening. Soda Lake campground and Soda Lake Dam evacuated until 7/29 then re-evaluate.


Situation as of 07/27/08 10:00 PM
Total Personnel: 104
Size: 4,500 acres
Percent Contained: 40%

Soda Lake Campground (1 mi S of O’Sullivan Dam, Potholes Reservoir) evacuation and road closures.

Fire is currently under investigation but is believed to be human caused. Two SEAT aircraft supported initial attack activities. Active fire activity with 15 - 20 foot flame lengths.

28 Jul 2008, 10:51pm
by fireguy

Hope those guys get that fire. I am a firefighter in Midpines California (Telegraph Fire) I was involved in the initial attack on the Telegraph and initially the fire was completely unaccessible. This fire is still out of control and has potential to reach 50,000 acres by the end of the week. If it jumps the Merced River (proper) it will get into the South Fork of the Merced and easily reach 100,000 acres and become a whole new ball game.



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